How do the current meter and voltmeter of the 12v battery charger be properly viewed and read?

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12v battery charger

How to properly view and read the current meter and voltmeter of the 12v battery charger is divided into the following steps:

1. Set parameters: 12V battery, 12V gear charging, 13% gear battery capacity.

2. At the beginning of charging, the voltmeter reads the current voltage of the battery plus its internal resistance drop, which may be less than 12V, and the current is the set current.

3. During the charging process, the voltage rises as the charging time increases, and the charging current decreases.

4, late charging, into the so-called “turbulent” charging process, the voltage will be close to the battery charging termination voltage 14.4V or even exceed this value (internal resistance voltage drops), the charging current is close to 0, at this point can terminate charging.

How to use the 12v battery charger?

The charger is suitable for 12V battery charging, easy to operate, easy to use, safe, fast charging, and has a good curing effect on the battery.

Smart charging: smart charging, suitable for families and outings.

Charging mode: three-stage charging mode, constant current charging, constant voltage charging, floating charging

Charging options: 8A fast charging / 4A timing charging / 2A battery maintenance / fully automatic charging, easy to choose

Main feature

● Three-stage constant current charging constant voltage charging float charging

● With short circuit protection, reverse protection, overshoot protection

● LED light shows charging status

● Battery repair circuit effectively extends battery life

● Energy saving, light and compact

● PCB impregnation and high corrosion resistance.

Applicable models (12V10AH-80AH battery)

● fast charging (8A) 40-80AH battery

● regular charging (4A) 20-40AH battery

● battery maintenance (2A) motorcycle battery (6AH or more)

Note: If the electrode reverse indicator is red, the electrode is reversed and must be wired in the correct way.

Special note: When you receive the product test, you must connect the plug to the power supply, and the clip cable clamps the battery, otherwise the charger will not work properly!

This charger is only suitable for rechargeable batteries with a rated voltage of 12V

Insert the charger plug into the socket and clip the cable to the battery in the correct way.

Charger display charging: indicates that the battery is charging

The charger is fully charged: you can turn off the power and get ready to use the battery.

The charger shows a reverse connection: the positive and negative poles of the clamp are not inserted correctly. Please change your position as soon as possible.

The charger also has short circuit protection (please don’t try it easily)

How to choose lead acid battery charger?

Since the birth of lead-acid batteries, engineers have been exploring ways to charge them quickly and reasonably.

1, constant current charging: charging speed is faster, but it is easy to cause overcharge

2, constant voltage charging: simple charging, initial charging flow, seriously affecting the service life

3, multi-level charging: integrated constant current, constant voltage charging, can be charged in a faster way

Charging current selection: If the charging current is too large, it will cause battery damage. If it is too small, the charging speed is slow and the charging efficiency is low! The general charging current is 0.1-0.2C of rated capacity (C is an abbreviation of battery capacity.) For example, 12V 60Ah battery, charging current is suitable for 6-12A.

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