Application of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)Battery

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Application of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)Battery

As the lithium iron phosphate battery has the on top of characteristics, and turn out a range of various capability of the battery, and shortly be wide used. Its main application areas are:
Large electrical vehicles: buses, electrical cars, traveler routes and hybrids, and so on;
♦ Light electrical vehicles: electrical bicycles, golf carts, little flat panel automotive, forklifts, clean cars, electrical wheelchairs, etc.
♦ Power tools: power drill, electrical saw, lawn mower, etc.
♦ Remote control cars, boats, craft and alternative toys;
♦ Solar energy and wind generation storage equipment;
♦ UPS and emergency lights, warning lights and miner’s lamp (the best security);
♦ Small medical instrumentality and moveable instrumentality.

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Here to administer a lithium iron phosphate battery rather than storage battery application examples. 36V / 10Ah (360Wh) storage battery, the load of 12kg, charge an influence will walk around 50km, the amount of charging regarding a hundred times, the utilization of your time regarding one year. If the utilization of metal iron phosphate power battery, victimization constant 360Wh energy (12 10Ah battery series), the load of regarding 4kg, the charge will walk around 80km, the amount of charging up to one thousand times, the service lifetime of up to three to five years. though the worth of metal iron phosphate battery is way over the storage battery, however the economic result is to use metal iron phosphate battery higher, and within the use of a lot of light-weight weight than lead acid battery.

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energy storage equipment: supported solar power, wind energy, geothermal, marine energy generation system of energy storage instrumentality; power system peaking; uninterruptible installation UPS; with the utilization of star cells as energy storage equipment (BYD has been within the production of such batteries) Lighting and then on;
power tools like dynamical power tools (wireless); hammer, power drill, weeding machine;
(HEV), the recent 2-3 years of the target, forklifts, forklifts and alternative power supply; 
light-weight electrical vehicle engine, electrical bicycles, recreational vehicles, golf carts, electrical push machine, clean car;
little instrumentality medical equipment: electrical chair, electrical scooter); toys (remote management electrical craft, cars, boats);
alternative little appliances miner’s lamp;
begin power: cars, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines, railway diesel locomotives, electrical locomotives, bus beginning power;
fastened power: principally used for communication, mobile base stations, telecommunications, rail transport, electricity, finance, power plants, pc systems as a protection, automatic management of the standby power
military field: military field electronic command system, ocean (submarine, underwater robot), land (Army troopers system, machine warrior), days (unmanned aircraft), air (satellite, spacecraft) arms.

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lithium iron phosphate battery technology isn’t a straightforward industrial technology, it’s associated with the eventof data trade, is that the development of recent energy trade, one in all the essential technology, and become a contemporary and future military instrumentality indispensable one in all the vital “food”.

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