BSLBATT Lithium Announces Promotions, New Hires Amid Unprecedented Growth

27 Published by BSLBATT Feb 20,2021

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd, February 6, 2021 / — China’s fastest service lithium battery packing manufacturer BSLBATT Lithium today announced the promotion of four key leaders and the addition of seven new employees across divisions. The announcement comes as BSLBATT Lithium has seen significant growth as consumer demand for lithium batteries is increasing each year. The strategic appointments will play an integral role in supporting the company’s rapidly expanding customer base in 2021.

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Striving to grow into a global lithium batteries leader acknowledged and respected at home and abroad, BSLBATT® has for many years been in working hard on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-technology lithium batteries for the lithium industry and specialized applications.

From breakthrough lithium materials chemistry to innovations in battery systems management and complete system design, BSLBATT® provides game-changing energy storage solutions that deliver a new combination of high power, excellent safety, and long life.

Our Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries can be used as an AR “Alternative Replacement” for deep cycle Lead Acid, Gel, or AGM Batteries. BSLBATT® is a manufacturer of choice for reliable Lithium batteries used by Recreational, Commercial, Industrial, and Mining applications. Our customers trust and depend on us for our high-quality, safe, and reliable technology.

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BSLBATT® is one of the lithium companies in China, as a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, including R&D And OEM service over 18 years, our products are qualified with ISO/CE/UL/UN38.3/ROHS standard.

“BSLBATT is on a China’s fastest service lithium battery packing manufacturer. Since our start, we have invested heavily in our technology and our people. Our internal promotions and new hires are key individuals to help continue driving our mission into 2021,“ said BSLBATT’s CEO Eric Yi. “They are all experts in our industry of lithium batteries and in their strengths, whether it be sales, marketing, and more. It is with great pleasure that we announce these promotions.”

Haley Ning has been promoted to Managing Partner, Operations where he’ll be responsible for integrating all functions across the organization. “Haley’s impressive mix of skills and accomplishments make him the perfect candidate to drive innovation and collaboration across the entire organization. Being elevated to Managing Partner grants Haley Ning the visibility and authority to effectively implement this change,” said Henry.

Bella Chen has been promoted to Manager, Sales where he will be responsible for further developing the company’s Europe and Africa footprint. “Bella Chen has exceeded every expectation in his previous role as Manager of Business Development, and I’m extremely confident she’ll continue to excel in her new role where she’ll be responsible for growing a high-performing sales team and running our most strategic accounts,” said Eric Yi.

Lynn has been promoted to Director of Operations where he will oversee Ad Operations and Account Management. “Using his programmatic expertise to deliver superior results for our clients, Lynn has been a key contributor over the last three years.

Hugo has been promoted to Director of Engineering. Hugo will be responsible for all of BSLBATT’s software development practices including the management of the software engineering team. “Hugo has proven himself to be an engineering leader through mentoring, process, and best practice implementation. He has tackled some of our most complex engineering challenges and I’m pleased to announce his promotion,” said Eric Yi.

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In addition to these executive and management promotions, RELiON also welcomes several new employees. The new hires include:

• Michael Zhang, Technology Implementation Officer

• Riven Wang, Marketing Project Manager

• Lynn Lin, Chief Financial Officer

• Kenny Zhu, Engineering Technician

Learn more about the BSLBATT Lithium team at.

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