What makes BSLBATT Battery stand apart as a battery manufacturer?

337 Published by BSLBATT Mar 23,2022

Haley Ning: BSLBATT is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, including R&D and OEM services for more than 18 years. Our products comply with ISO/CE/UL/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC standards. The company takes the development and production of advanced series “BSLBATT” (best solution lithium battery) as its mission.

BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries accomplish this and surpass existing batteries in the market due to our focus on product development. We have one of the largest LiFePO4 product offerings available with 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 80V batteries that power a range of applications. The company provides a full range of services and high-quality products, continuing to pave the way for a greener and more efficient future of energy storage.

Our production base in Anhui and Huizhou is the first professional Forklift lithium battery factory in China. We mainly produce the Cells and whole Battery Pack, with an annual output power of over 2GWh. In total, we have 280 employees, including 20 technicians, 17 QC staff, a strong management team, and major engineers with over 16 years of experience in lithium battery production. We own 36 patents for inventions and utility models and 5 software copyrights.

We have cooperated with the Hefei University of Technology and other domestic technology research centers. We will always keep improving battery BMS and cell performance, with a focus on providing better quality and service to our clients.

What industries does BSLBATT Battery Manufacturing cater to?

Vivian Chen: BSLBATT Battery products are used in various industries worldwide, including material handling equipment, MINI-Excavator, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), golf cars, aerial work platforms, cleaning machines, RV, Marine, access lifts, and cranes. They are also used as renewable energy storage solutions for solar and wind power.

Why did BSLBATT Battery join the Charged by Delta-Q program, and what excites the program?

Haley Ning: We have noted that there are many influential companies in this industry involved with Delta-Q, we believe we can stay with them to create better conditions and bring more benefit to people, one plus one can be greater than two. All strategy and development concepts of BSLBATT are always based on improving people’s exact benefit, we are excited to have more discussion and more partners to improve the industry for people.

What products are BSLBATT Battery featuring as part of the Charged by Delta-Q program?

Bebinca Wu: BSLBATT is focused on motive power application, right now we have our lithium forklift battery and golf cart battery as part of the Charged by Delta-Q program, the forklift industry is already in a trend of electric type to be converted and powered by a lithium battery. Golf carts is one of the important parts of people’s daily life, it’s very important to provide more flexible selections for people in their convenience.

48V lithium golf cart battery

What are the key benefits that OEMs will get by working with BSLBATT Battery and the “Charged by Delta-Q” program?

Mia Cui: Original Equipment manufacturers are always looking for the most cost-effective and reliable energy solutions for their products. But even the best batteries will not perform reliably without proper charging and maintenance.  The key benefit to OEMs partnering with BSLBATT Battery is our design, manufacture, and sell advanced lithium-ion battery packs that are disrupting the 100+-year-old market for lead-acid batteries. Experience that has evolved with advancing technology through lead-acid and into lithium, and custom tailoring battery and charging solutions to some of the most challenging OEM application requirements.

What market trends are BSLBATT Battery most excited about, and what is the company doing to help OEMs? 

Hugo Chen: BSLBATT is excited that lithium is becoming conventional battery chemistry for OEMs in many industries. To help OEMs, BSLBATT has developed 10 standard modules for lithium batteries of different capacities, which can form parallel building blocks in forklift battery compartments. Up to 20 of these modules can be stacked in parallel, and the total capacity can be tailored to forklift OEM needs. Each is independently connected to the internet and cloud, reporting continuous health updates. These modules can be activated or deactivated remotely if a fault is detected. Finally, the modules are constructed for quick and easy replacement: just slide one module out and put in a new one!

Lithium storage battery supplier

What is the most interesting project that BSLBATT Battery has worked on recently?

Haley Ning: The demand for lithium batteries continues to increase as more Handle heavy load (beverage distribution, paper, wood, and metal industries), manufacturers, and consumers realize the benefits of lithium over lead-acid batteries. Raniero Forklifts, realizing this trend, has chosen premium BSLBATT lithium batteries to power their innovative Raniero Forklifts, a heavy-duty forklift application. The Raniero Forklifts utilizes a unique patented module structure BSLBATT high-capacity power lithium batteries, providing reliable long-lasting power to users – along with a BSLBATT cloud platform built into the dash showing battery state of charge for user’s peace of mind.

What is the most interesting project that BSLBATT Battery has worked on recently?

Haley Ning: Chinese Battery Manufacturer company BSLBATT Battery proudly announces. In 2021, BSLBATT will design 208 different styles of lithium battery module packages for customers, and more than 5,000 battery packs have been delivered to customers. We also have several dynamic projects that BSLBATT Battery is working on, which are covered by non-disclosure agreements.

About BSLBATT Battery

BSLBATT battery is a fast-paced, high-growth (200% YoY ) hi-tech company that is leading the adoption of lithium-ion technology solutions. We design, manufacture, and sell advanced lithium-ion battery packs that are disrupting the 100+-year-old market for lead-acid batteries. Our battery packs are used to power industrial and commercial equipment like forklifts and Renewable Energy, as well as new applications like Golf Cart, Floor-Machines, Marine and Mobile Elevated Work Platforms stations. To learn more about BSLBATT Battery, visit

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