Wisdom Power lithium battery facory tells you to charge your electric car in the fall?

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Wisdom Power lithium battery facory tells you to charge your electric car in the fall?

electric car charger

1. Do not expose the charger to the rain.

Autumn is generally accompanied by a patter of light rain. Unlike the summer thunderstorms, many electric car users will feel that the light rain does not hinder them, and the electric car will be parked directly in the open air. However, as a charging device, the water will corrode and rust, and when it is energized, it is easy to leak, short circuit, and burn the charger.

2. charging time can not exceed 8 hours, it is strictly prohibited to charge all night

Many electric car users often charge the next morning to turn off the charger for the convenience of the map. Electric vehicles are charged all night, charging time is often more than 12 hours, and even some users are negligent, forgetting to cut off the power supply charging time for more than 20 hours, this will inevitably cause great damage to the battery. Charging for a long time, it is easy to cause the battery to be charged due to overcharging.

3. to avoid long-term loss of electricity, electric vehicles do not ride for a long time also need to charge

Avoid long-term loss of power, long-term loss of electricity will cause the plate to vulcanize. If it is not used for a long time, it should be fully charged, placed in a cool dry place, and charged regularly (usually 10 days).

In the autumn, it turns cold. In the case of low temperature, the charging mainly has the problem of poor charging acceptance and insufficient battery charging. In case of low temperature, anti-freezing measures should be taken, especially when charging, it should be placed in a warm environment, which is beneficial to ensure sufficient electricity, prevent irreversible sulfation, and prolong the service life of the battery.

4. the charger should try not to carry with the car

Some electric car users, in order to facilitate charging, like to bring the charger to the car at any time. In fact, the electronic components on the main board of the electric car charger are soldered. Some large electronic components may cause de-soldering when bumping, resulting in contact. Poor, causing current instability and protection failure during charging.

If you must carry it with the car, you can put a sponge cushion under the charger in advance to prevent the shock from being generated during driving.

5. electric car charger should be dedicated to the car, do not use the brand-name charger to charge the battery

The electric car charger should be used exclusively for the car. Do not replace the charger at will, and use it according to the instructions. Before replacing the charger, please confirm whether the charger is compatible with the whole vehicle. It is forbidden to use the non-standard and low-quality charger to charge the battery. Try to use the original charger. It is not good, but also replace the quality brand charger to ensure the quality of the battery and delay the battery life.

6. to ensure normal heat dissipation during charging, the charger should be cleaned regularly

As we all know, when charging electric vehicles, the charger will generally heat up, the temperature will drop obviously in autumn, and there will be more rainy days. Some electric vehicle users will not pay attention, and they may put warm clothes or raincoats on the charging charger. As a result, the charger cannot be properly dissipated, which not only affects the life of the charger, but also causes a fire accident in severe cases.

In addition, the charger should be cleaned regularly. If the charger is not cleaned for a long time, the dust will block the exhaust vents for a long time, which will also cause damage to the charger.

Autumn is the season of maintenance, and electric vehicles are no exception. It is necessary to charge the electric car scientifically and reasonably, in order to last for a long time, and ride all the way without worry.


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