【Companion】What Companies Make Lithium Batteries?

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BSLBATT® develops and produces advanced Lithium Batteries for Marine, Automotive, Motorcycle, UPS, solar systems, RV, electric forklifts and sweeper,Recreation and Industrial applications. We know these applications well and we develop tailored battery solutions for each market.

Comparison of lithium battery types:

Density (gram/cm3)2.8-3.02.0-2.32.2-2.41.0-1.4
Capacity density (mAh/kg)135-140155-165100-115130-160
Nominal Voltage3.
Charge cycle life300800700-10002000
Environmental considerationsContains 
toxic cobalt
Contains toxic 
cobalt and nickel
SafetyBadLow riskLow riskVery safe

Comparison of LiFePO4 batteries to other types:

SpecificationNickel CadmiumNickel ZincSealed Lead AcidLithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Nominal voltage1.
Energy density (Wh/kg)30-5050-8040120
Volumetric Energy Density (Wh/L)15020070210
Cycle life5006005002000
Environmental considerationsContains toxic cadmiumEnvironmentally safeContains toxic leadSafe
SafetyLow riskLow riskLow riskVery safe

Performance advantages of LiFePO4 batteries

  • High power density, 110-135 Wh/kg
  • Long life, retains 80% capacity after 2000 charge cycles
  • Safety: Some lithium batteries tend to explode or catch fire if damaged but LiFePO4 batteries do not even under harsh conditions
  • Low temperature sensitivity: 105% of capacity is available at 130°F (55°C), 80% of capacity is available at -5°F (-15°C)
  • Low self discharge current: less than 5% per month
  • Very high charge/discharge efficiency, near 100% even if discharged at 5C

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