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The utilization of internet and telecommunication equipment has become universal in today’s society.

The utilization of the internet and telecommunication equipment has become universal in today’s society. As a result, the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) market has become one of the fastest-growing and demanding markets in the world.

UPS systems are used to ensure the supply of power to hospitals, banks, data centers, and a variety of other mission-critical electrical equipment, preventing data loss and security breaches.

Many facilities have adopted UPS systems based on conventional lead-acid batteries. However, a rising market trend prefers/favors the use of Lithium-ion batteries, considering limitations in space, weight, life-cycle costs, eco-friendliness, and overall performance.

Lithium powered equipment

BSLBATT’s batteries feature high energy density and long cycle life

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems: A conventional UPS with lead-acid battery require frequent replacement of battery and large space of installation due to the short life cycle and size of battery. Unlike conventional UPS systems, BSLBATT UPS solutions use Lithium-ion batteries which have high energy density and long cycle life. Reduction in size of the battery is most appealing/preferable to those environments where installation space is strictly limited such as telecom repeaters and single factory-tested enclosures with large-scale containerized systems, incorporating both batteries and UPS inverters.

Industrial Machinery: The demand for safe and durable Lithium-ion batteries will increase as more industries adopt computerized systems into their operating processes. Industrial heavy equipment, industrial robots, and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are some of the examples of the use of Lithium-ion batteries.

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Key Benefits

Twice the energy provides twice the runtime

Flat voltage curve means no change in vehicle performance throughout the discharge

Lithium phosphate batteries have 10 times the cycle of life vs. lead-acid batteries

Fast charging during shift breaks

No gassing; sealed, maintenance-free design

Easy drop-in replacement for BCI Group sizes

Provides accurate State of Charge from the integrated battery management system

Premier customer support

High Charge-Discharge Density

Out high-power cell is capable of charge and discharge currents and can be recharged quickly

BSLBATT Lithium Industrial Batteries are used for various parts of the industry

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Industrial Equipment (robots, machinery, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), etc.)

Auxiliary Power for Telegraphic Repeater

Medical Devices


BSLBATT Lithium Industrial Batteries are manufactured using LiFePO4 Cells which are one of the finest Lithium Cells available.

BSLBATT offers Industrial Battery Sizes to Fit all types of Industrial Equipment.

BSLBATT Lithium Industrial Batteries are counterweighted to meet truck battery specifications.

Performance of the Truck is maintained though out use with the constant equal voltage provided by the battery.

BSLBATT’s lithium-ion phosphate presents an inherent safety performance, better toxicity profile, and is more energy-efficient with significantly longer cycle life than lead-acid.

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