Lithium-ion solar battery most valuable to energy storage

949 Published by BSLBATT Mar 18,2020

As renewable energy sources become more available, the question of viability turns to the storage medium. Of the various forms of power storage technology that exists on the market, Lithium-ion solar battery offer the most storage potential.

Lithium-ion batteries are a newer form of battery storage technology that is beginning to rapidly displace lead-acid batteries for solar storage in grid-connect scenarios.

This is mainly due to the fact that lithium-ion batteries can be discharged deeper and have a longer lifetime than lead-acid batteries. They will give you around 4,000 – 6,000 cycles at 80% discharge – so they will have a lifespan of 13-18 years.

LiFePO4 batteries pack a punch. Knocking out traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate is the more efficient technology. BSLBATT provides a complete line of 12, 24 and 48-volt batteries for use in RV’s, Boats, EV’s and off-grid applications and much more.

Their main drawback, at least at the moment, is that they are about 50% more expensive than lead-acid batteries for the same amount of storage. This is expected to change rapidly over the next 5 years, however, as the mass-production of lithium-ion batteries (like at BSLBATT’s battery factory, the Hubeifactory) significantly reduces the cost of lithium-ion storage.

Lithium-ion solar batteries

How Can You Achieve Longer Lasting Energy Storage?

Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed a new battery that’s cheap, yet extremely durable. Sodium ions are used as electrolytes, carrying power through brackish fluid. Its positive electrodes are manganese based, and its negative ones are carbon. They work in conjunction with microgrids, but are expected to evolve to stabilize conventional grids, soon.

Are Lead Acid Batteries Still Relevant?

Lead-acid batteries are the oldest models for off-the-grid systems. Their depth of discharge (DoD) is lower than other models, so their lifespan tends to be relatively short. Even so, they’re one of the most budget-friendly offerings available today. There are two ways to go off-grid: by choosing a battery with enough solar energy storage to outlast cloudy days and nights, or by stocking up on plenty of batteries. Lead-acid batteries are ideal for the latter thanks to their featherweight price. They cost up to a tenth of the most expensive batteries, making them a popular choice for middle-class households.

Is There a Way to Use Lead Acid More Safely?

Absorbent glass mat storage (AGM) units have flat battery plates or spirals. They withstand extreme temperatures and have remarkably low self-discharge rates. Their valve systems are activated when the overall battery capacity falls, which allows excess hydrogen to escape during charging. Effectively, this is a self-cooling system, so its stability is outstanding. Traditional lead-acid batteries are also prone to leakage, a problem that AGMs overcome exceptionally well. They’re sealed tightly and require no maintenance. They charge quickly and only lose about 3% a month too long periods of idling.

Is There Such a Thing as 100% Depth-of-Discharge?

Flow batteries are a new entrant on the market, and they offer 100% DoD. If you expect to be using your batteries heavily, this is one way to increase their lifespan. Flow batteries can idle without degrading. They manage temperatures of 50 degrees C, and they contain their own intrinsic fire retardant, so they won’t explode. Their modular design allows you to refurbish them easily, and simply discharging them will clean the electrodes. A 10 kWh battery will cost you about 20% more than a lithium-ion model, but their lifespan is likely to make them a rising superstar in the industry. They won’t take the home market by storm just yet, but price skimming should change that soon enough.

Which Solar Storage is Best for Cool Climates?

Sodium nickel chloride batteries can withstand temperatures of as low as -20C–far lower than lithium-ion options can manage. They’re also recyclable as they’re made with benign, nontoxic chemicals. They don’t need the internal cooling systems big lithium-ion solar energy storage requires, and their depth of discharge is relatively high at 80%. They’re still as expensive as Flow batteries, but they also carry no fire risk.

How Can I Choose the Right Battery for My System?

There’s more to solar energy storage than DoD and stability. Your battery must store enough kWh for your needs, or its price must support the ability to stock up on multiple batteries. The rule of thumb is to allow for three to five sun-free days, but it’s not enough to simply buy the biggest and best. Your battery must be small enough to function with your panels.

Its round-trip efficiency will determine how economical your storage will be. Of course, longevity is important, particularly if you’re investing in one of the most recent battery types. Your warranty will give you an idea of lifespan, but if its DoD is too low for your needs, even the hardiest of units won’t hold to its life expectancy.

Solar panels and batteries are developing capabilities to seamlessly integrate by software that monitors your consumption and automates savings when necessary. The future of solar is exciting-and not merely for its environmental effects.

Final Thoughts

Lithium-ion solar battery are the clear choice if you want to harness renewable solar energy for your home. Keep your eye on LG, Tesla, and Mercadies for the best Lithium-ion solar battery.

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