Motorbike, Quads, Light Planes, LSA

12V Lithium-ion Start battery for motorbike, quads, light planes, LSA

Advanced technology, lightweight, high-CCA, and direct fit make these the best direct fit Lithium-Ion Batteries for motorbikes, quads, light planes, LSA applications.

12V Lithium-ion Start batteryOur 12V Lithium-ion Start battery product line offers large advantages in terms of weight, volume, performance, charge and discharge, and safety for different types of applications (motorbike, quads, light planes, LSA).

Increase performance with a BSLBATT Lithium Motorcycle battery. Lithium technology continues to redefine performance in power sports for many reasons and the BSLBATT Lithium Motorcycle battery has consistently outperformed all other lithium batteries on the market! With it’s extremely lightweight and it’s game-changing safety features, the BSLBATT Lithium Battery is the best motorcycle battery in today’s marketplace.

Lithium Motorcycle battery

Unlike most traditional motorcycle batteries which contain very dangerous toxic substances, the BSLBATT Lithium Motorcycle Battery is 100% safe and non-toxic so you can put your mind at ease when cruising. One of the best advantages of the BSLBATT Lithium Motorcycle Battery is it’s rapid charging rate which is 5 times faster than traditional batteries and can be charged in as little as 30 minutes with the right charging application.

Built with confidence by our ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified factory, the broad range of sizes and battery types makes these battery products one of the best choices available on the market today.


Why using a BSLBATT 12V Lithium-ion Start battery?

● Supports more charge/discharge cycles. This guarantees more starting in a short period of time (allows a greater activity).

● Unlike Lead-acid batteries, the BSLBATT battery has a very low voltage during operation, and deliver constant power to the starter

Main features

● Very low self-discharge rate, No maintenance

● Large operating temperature range: from -15°C up to +60°C for engine start (0°C to +60°C in charge)

● High Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) for easy engine start at low temperature.

● Each BSLBATT® is fitted with a built-in BMS system to ensure high lifespan and safety

12V 18AH lithium battery 12V 20AH lithium Battery
12V 35AH lithium battery 48V 20AH lithium battery

BSLBATT Lithium Motorcycle Battery is two times lighter than a lead-acid battery. This is a very important advantage for motorcycles competition, flying machines as LSA or light planes. You will still get high performance even when stored up to one year and it will keep performing even in low-temperature environments. These batteries have no corrosive liquids or toxic heavy metals, making them very environmentally friendly. With a two-year warranty, it will serve you more than twice as long as your old battery.


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