What You Need To Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Lithium Batteries

6,419 Published by BSLBATT Oct 26,2021

Are you interested in upgrading your golf cart or LSV to lithium batteries but unsure what you’ll need to make the conversion? If you are looking at lithium batteries for these vehicles, chances are you are replacing the lead-acid batteries that came with them so that you can enjoy all the benefits of lithium power. Revitalize the life of your existing golf cart with a high-performance Lithium-Ion battery upgrade!

Lead Acid batteries have short ranges, only last 2-4 years, require weekly messy watering, can leak acid on your floor, take up to 12 hours to charge, and are very heavy which reduces performance in your vehicle.

Replace your lead-acid batteries with Lithium-Ion and enjoy a Quicker Charge Time, Longer Range, Longer Life Span, No Maintenance, and a 5-Year Warranty!

BSLBATT Lithium Battery

A lithium-ion golf cart battery conversion can be a simple process, but this can be dependent upon the lithium option you choose for your vehicle. Here are some things that need to be considered before selecting which lithium golf cart battery you’ll install prior to your conversion.

Step 1: What voltage battery does your motor need?

Look in your owner’s manual, google the technical specifications of your vehicle, or find a technical/serial number sticker on your vehicle that lists the voltage of your golf cart. Most golf carts are 36V or 48V. Some larger people movers and electric vehicles like electric snowmobiles, ATVs, or neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) are 72V.

If none of the above yields your voltage, you’ll need to open up the area where your current batteries are and do a bit of a simple calculation. Most batteries should have a voltage rating listed on them. Just multiply the voltage of the batteries by the number of batteries in the bank and you’ll get your rated voltage. Ex: Eight 6V batteries would be a 48V system.

If you need any help determining the voltage of your golf cart contact us at [email protected] with a picture of your battery tray and we can tell you what voltage you need.

BSLBATT’S 36V lithium golf cart battery

Step 2: What Size Battery Do I Need?

The first thing to look for when upgrading to lithium is that you’re choosing a drop-in replacement size battery. The most common lead-acid golf cart battery is a group-size GC2/GC8 battery. Therefore, if you choose a lithium battery that is the same size, such as BSLBATT’S 48V lithium golf cart battery, it will make for a much easier installation because it fits directly into your existing battery compartments with no tray modifications needed.

Next, determine your battery size requirements. At BSLBATT, we typically recommend our 48V lithium golf cart battery. It’s 48 volts and 100-amp hours making it compatible with 48V golf carts. The batteries are connected in parallel meaning you can scale to get the power needed. When you use 8-Volt lead-acid batteries, you must use 6 batteries to get the required 48-Volts to run your vehicle. There are various batteries available, offering different amounts of energy, but once you choose a particular one, you are stuck with it, unless you replace the entire set of batteries. In other words, if you install 100 Amp-hours, you have committed to that capacity for the life of the battery set.

If you’re using a 48V lithium battery connected in parallel you don’t need to install a specific number of batteries to meet the voltage requirements – you install the number of batteries that will give you the mileage range you desire. You can use as few as 1 battery or up to 3 batteries in a typical golf car.

Step 3: Choose a BSLBATT lithium battery of the same voltage

To upgrade your system to lithium choose the same voltage in BSLBATT Lithium. Your vehicle’s motor is happy with any voltage as long as it is the same. For example, if your golf cart has been running on 36V built out of 6 X 6V lead-acid golf cart batteries you can replace it with a BSLBATT 36V 60Ah Lithium battery.

Motor Voltage | Estimated Battery Range | Recommended Battery | Motor Controller Limit

36V | 25+ Miles | 36V 60Ah Lithium Battery | 400 Amp limit
36V | 50+ Miles | 36V 100Ah Lithium Battery | 200 Amp limit
48V | 25+ Miles | 48V 60Ah Lithium Battery | 400 Amp limit
48V | 50+ Miles | 48V 100Ah Lithium Battery | 200 Amp limit

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48V lithium golf cart battery

Step 4: How Do I Determine My State Of Charge?

Consider installing a Fuel Gauge so you’re always able to view your state of charge. Over time, we’ve learned that voltage-based gauges are not accurate when measuring lithium-based chemistry. That is why we developed a fuel gauge that receives real-time current data from all parallel connected battery CANs and calculates the remaining amp hours as a percentage from 0-100%. BSLBATT also offers a Remote Button that can be mounted externally to the battery compartment. This will allow you to turn on and off all batteries connected in parallel with one button. If you purchase the remote button and fuel gauge, the CAN splitter cable is included, but be sure to select the proper length wire harness. Which length harness you select will depend on the distance between the battery compartment and your desired mounting location.

24V 40 amp hour lithium battery

Step 5: How Do I Charge My Lithium Battery?

Another item you will want to have when upgrading your vehicle to lithium batteries is a charger. Before we mention the battery chargers we recommend, there are a few things you need to confirm when selecting a charger for your setup. First, you should verify that the charge profile you are using, or the one that is on your charger, is appropriate for lithium batteries by checking the voltage setpoints. You can look at the voltage set points for our batteries located in the lithium battery charging instructions document on our website.

For the best performance, you want to choose a lithium battery and a charger that will come loaded or can be loaded with the correct algorithm. BSLBATT recommends several chargers including Lester Summit Series 2, Delta-Q IC Series, Delta-Q Quiq Series, and Pro Charging Systems Eagle Performance. There are many other chargers that work, but those listed will include BSLBATT’s algorithm, which optimizes user experience and performance. If you’re unsure of the charger and if an algorithm is available, reach out to the manufacturer for guidance on how to successfully charge your lithium batteries.

Step 6: Do I Need Battery Spacers?

Yes, if you’ve chosen a lithium drop-in solution that is the same GC2 size as your lead-acid batteries, you may want to consider battery spacers. Battery spacers are used to fill the empty battery slots when installing true drop-in replacement batteries, such as BSLBATT’s 48V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries. By using battery spacers to fill the empty spots, you’re able to use the existing battery hold-down that comes in your vehicle. This makes installation easier while ensuring your batteries are properly held down. We recommend you purchase the number of battery spacers needed to properly fill all empty slots in your cart or low-speed vehicle.

Step 7: What batteries do I need for my golf cart?

Now that you’ve got your voltage and motor controller rating handy, we can determine what batteries will best fit your vehicle.

Motor Voltage | Estimated Battery Range | Recommended Battery | Motor Controller Limit

36V | 25+ Miles | 36V 60Ah Lithium Battery | 400 Amp limit
36V | 50+ Miles | 36V 100Ah Lithium Battery | 200 Amp limit
48V | 25+ Miles | 48V 60Ah Lithium Battery | 400 Amp limit
48V | 50+ Miles | 48V 100Ah Lithium Battery | 200 Amp limit

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BSLBATT’S 48V lithium golf cart battery

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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