LiFePO4 Battery

Published by BSLBATTApr 10,2020

Futuristic Thinking: Innovative Battery Designs Of 2019

Batteries are such a huge part of our daily lives that most of us don’t think about them anymore. They power our phones, our computers, our headphones, our watches, even our cars. But most batteries burn out quickly and take a long time to recharge. Can you imagine a battery that lasted for days or even months and could recharge an unlimited number of times and in seconds? That’s exactly what scientists are trying to create with their innovative battery research. Read on to learn what’s on the horizon for battery technology. Twist and Shout Can you imagine a battery that can be recharged in a few seconds or less? Scientists at Cornell University can, and they’re working on making it a reality. The key comes in merging the cathodes and anodes of traditional batteries into one spiraling shape that’s much more energy-dense. This battery is packed with an anode structure filled with tiny pores that each serve as tiny individual batteries. This allows them to recharge in much less ti...

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