LiFePO4 Battery

Published by BSLBATTApr 23,2019

Power Your Life:How To Use 12V 100Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

BSLBATT lithium batteries provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, high efficiency and a longer cycle life – plus no maintenance! The B-LFP12V 100AH surpasses expectation by being versatile, compact and more powerful than its lead-acid counterparts. It’s the perfect combination of size and capacity to fit many applications including, RV, marine, solar energy systems and more. A 12V 100AH lithium battery is one the best choices for outdoor recreation. They also told you boats, golf carts, and living off the grid would be fun. And they are–if you have the right kind of power. Or, the right way to power. People who love outdoor adventures are enjoying faster travel, longer backcountry trips, and better ways of using solar power. This means more memorable vacations and living experiences. We can show you how they’re doing it with 12v 100ah lithium battery power! Take a look at 5 u...

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8 Reasons to Choose a Lithium Battery for Your Golf Cart

IF YOU USE A YOUR GOLF CART A LOT YOU NEED A BATTERY THAT’S GOING TO BE RELIABLE. HERE ARE A FEW REASONS TO GO LITHIUM FOR YOUR GOLF CART BATTERY. Standard carts come with sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. And while they’re durable, they’re not the best option. Here’s why you should consider upgrading your lifepo4 golf cart battery with a quality lithium-ion unit. 1. Reduces Weight of Your Golf Cart It should come as no surprise that standard sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are incredibly heavy. And the longer you want your battery to last, the heavier the unit will be. These batteries make even the zippiest light-weight golf cart incredibly heavy. And the heavier your golf cart is, the slower it’ll move across the course. Worse, if you’re playing on damp turf, the cart will sink in. No one wants to be responsible for leaving tire tracks on the fairway. Lithium golf cart batteries are much lighter. This makes your golf cart easier to maneuver and helps you reach a comfort...

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How to Charge Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Batteries

As you consider your energy storage options for off-grid solar applications, LifePO4 is the solution to meet your needs. Lithium iron phosphate is the clear choice for energy storage in off-grid applications for several reasons. No matter the size of your system, lithium is the most cost-effective and efficient battery. LifePO4 has many benefits, including the lowest lifetime cost and unparalleled performance. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are safer than Lithium-ion cells and are available in a range of huge cell sizes between 5 and 100 AH with much longer cycle life than conventional batteries: Cylindrical LiFePO4 cells are one of the hottest products among all series, they have many great features: High energy density, 270 to 340 Wh/L; this means long working time Stable discharge voltage Good consistency between different cells in the same order Long cycle life, 2000 times with 80% capacity left Fast charge, they can be charged within one hour Safe and high tem...

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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP or LiFePO4)

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery (with “LFP” standing for “lithium ferrophosphate”), is a type of rechargeable battery, specifically a lithium-ion battery, using LiFePO4 as the cathode material, and a graphitic carbon electrode with a metallic backing as the anode. Lithium FerroPhosphate technology (also known as LFP or LiFePO4), which appeared in 1996, is replacing other battery technologies because of its technical advantages and very high level of safety. Due to its high power density, this technology is used in medium-power traction applications (robotics, AGV, E-mobility, last mile delivery, etc.) or heavy-duty traction applications (marine traction, industrial vehicles, etc.) The long service life of the LFP and the possibility of deep cycling make it possible to use LiFePO4 in energy storage applications (stand-alone applications, Off-Grid systems, self-consumption with battery) or stationary storage in general....

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Renewable Energy: The Ultimate Guide to Lithium Solar Bat...

LOOKING FOR THE BEST ENERGY STORAGE FOR YOUR SOLAR PANEL SYSTEM? CHECK OUT OUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LITHIUM SOLAR BATTERIES. As renewable energy sources become more available, the question of viability turns to the storage medium. Of the various forms of power storage technology that exists on the market, lithium solar batteries offer the most storage potential.If you’re looking to install solar panels on your home or business, this article provides an ultimate guide to lithium solar batteries. What is Solar Energy Storage? Energy storage is essential if you have a solar array hooked up to your home or building. In order to run electronics on the energy you catch on your solar panels, you must store the energy somewhere. That storage medium is a battery. So, after the sun is down, you can tap into your reserve of solar power to watch television, make a smoothie, run your water heater, and so on. Without a solar storage battery, your electricity use is limited to the hours du...

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On the Road Again: Choosing the Best Lithium Battery for ...

Continue to travel and consider your energy supplies; This is not only distasteful but also comes at the expense of freedom. At BSLBATT, we know very well. To get around this, we developed BSL1200. Custom lithium battery. BSL1200 contains a large amount of energy reserves and is 100% available. With one hour of super fast loading time, you can go there without any worries and enjoy complete freedom while on the move. LITHIUM BATTERIES FOR BSL1200 ARE THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE. Did you know that lithium batteries can last up to 2000 cycles? It’s no wonder that more people are moving away from lead-acid batteries and towards lithium batteries. If you travel a lot you need a battery that can keep up. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best lithium RV battery. Choosing the Best Lithium RV Battery Lithium batteries have quite a few advantages over lead-acid such as charge efficiency and long life span just to name a few. Their low maintenance and long life make them a perf...

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China has won 2/3 of the global lithium battery, only 5% ...

Only 5% of global lithium-ion batteries are made in the US The Daily Economics reporter noted that China has now dominated the global electric vehicle supply chain. According to Benchmark Minerals Intelligence data tracking lithium and other commodity prices, China produces nearly two-thirds of the world’s lithium-ion batteries, while the United States only accounts for 5%. According to data from the US Geological Survey, since 2014, due to the growing demand for Tesla, SK and other companies building battery plants in the United States, lithium imports in the United States have nearly doubled. “We need to find ways to more effectively develop the supply of important minerals in the United States, because these resources are critical to US national security and the economy,” said John Dakota, a member of the US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Hu Fen wrote in a statement. Hu Fen and Lisa Murkowski, chairman of the US Senate Energy Committee, have been invited ...

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Lithium-ion Batteries Offer A Definitive, Sustainable And...

As the “last barrier” to the data center power system, the new battery technology is triggering a huge new energy revolution. In recent years, Uptime’s global data center research data shows that 10% of data centers have adopted lithium-ion batteries (hereinafter referred to as lithium batteries) as energy storage devices for UPS power supplies. Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital energy management and automation, expects that the average annual growth rate of UPS lithium batteries will exceed 100% in the next three years. Compared with lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries have unparalleled technical advantages: several times the energy density of lead-acid batteries, the lithium battery footprint is reduced by more than 60%; the weight is reduced by more than 70%; Stronger; can be quickly recharged after discharge, the number of cycles is 4 times that of lead-acid batteries; 10-15 years of long-life design and high cycle times, so that lithium ba...

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Exploring the Future of Solar Power with Lithium Batteries

Solar Power is in High Demand Not long ago, the idea of harvesting energy from the sun was still science fiction. But after many technological advances in the last few years, solar power is now a reliable alternative energy source with the potential to challenge and one day out-compete oil, gas, and other forms of energy. Solar is now the second biggest source for clean energy generation, following natural gas. This demand for clean energy is higher than ever with the popularity of the green movement. Especially here in Florida and other sunny climates, the residential and commercial demand for solar panels is booming with new home buyers and business owners. Homeowners and business owners may see substantial savings on their energy bills over time when they switch from traditional energy. Adopting solar energy also comes with rebates and tax incentives that the coal, oil, and natural gas industries can’t provide. Solar Energy Is Now Affordable With the rise in demand for ...

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【New】Wisdom Power at Intersolar Europe 2019!

              From 15 to 17 May, Wisdom Power will participate in Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners and takes place annually at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich, Germany. The event’s exhi­bition and conference both focus on the areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar plants, as well as grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy.  Since being founded 27 years ago, Intersolar has become the most important industry platform for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers and partners of the solar industry. Wisdom Power will be exhibiting in a special area, and will showcase the new product Start-Stop Battery, with AGM technology, suitable for Automotive, Heavy Commercial, Powersports and Leisure. In addition to these, Wisdom Power develop and produce advanced series “BSLBATT” (Best Solution Lithium Battery). Lithium Battery offers state of the art te...

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The global battery market is currently in the midst of a transition that will disrupt most electronic industries and will have far-reaching implications for additional markets. The market segment that attracts most attention is the electric vehicle battery market, which is exhibiting exponential growth and is expected to reach $10 billion by 2025. Other high profile industries include grid storage and renewable energy applications which are forecast to surpass $12 billion by 2025. Another sector which receives less publicity but is growing just as fast is Lead-Acid replacement batteries, which is also expected to reach $10 billion by 2025. Markets such as marine and boating, which rely on old-fashioned batteries are about to change dramatically. Why Lithium vs AGM? There is simply no comparison. Lithium batteries are leaps and bounds better, stronger, lighter, smaller, faster, safer, easier, greener and more powerful than lead acid or AGMs. Period. So why does anyone still buy t...

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Ningde energy signed a 1.85GWh battery contract with Powi...

Recently, Powin Energy of the United States announced that it has signed a battery supply contract with the Ningde era, and will purchase 1.85GWh batteries from the Ningde era, mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries. These cells will be integrated into PowinEnergy’s latest model of the battery energy storage system Stack225 to ensure a competitive price advantage for Powin Energy energy storage products while ensuring battery supply by 2022. According to the data, Powin Energy was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Oregon, USA. Its modular battery system StackTM has been deployed in many utility, industrial and micro-grid applications, including the largest battery energy storage systems in Canada and Mexico. . StackTM features the battery operating system Powin bp-OS, which features industry-leading battery system monitoring, balancing and control features, flexibility in selecting battery specifications and suppliers to ensure Powin Energy offers the most on the mar...

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