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72 Published by BSLBATT Dec 28,2020

BSLBATT Lithium is working with events and festival company, ESD, to provide a clean, silent alternative to noisy, polluting generators. to power concerts, festivals, and a range of other events with their silent green energy.

ESD, a company supplying sound equipment, stage hire, PA line array, and other equipment for corporate events, fashion shows, festivals, and more, has chosen BSLBATT’s lithium-ion batteries to power its huge multi TV flat-screen displays.

Previously these screens, comprised of 32 linked flat-screen TVs, have been powered by large generators which required untold amounts of fuel and produced a lot of noise whilst also requiring constant monitoring in case of overheating and requiring to be refueled. Now with BSLBATT’s lithium-ion batteries, the screens produce no noise and require no fuel, maintenance, or monitoring once set up. Additionally, with lithium-ion batteries, the screens can be linked to some portable solar panels for extended periods of use.


As well as allowing ESD to use green energy for the power supply to its flat-screen displays, BSLBATT’s lithium-ion batteries completely reduce the risk of any overheating or engine failure, and have an extremely fast ability to recharge to keep the screens running for optimum time, and have the ability to run completely flat and still recharge, among other benefits.

This system solves a number of issues usually associated with traditional petrol- or diesel-powered generators. As well as completely eliminating running noise and exhaust fumes, there is no difficulty in starting the unit, no need to refuel, and no maintenance. This means that as well as reducing the impact on the local environment, it takes much less manpower to operate.

Because lithium-ion batteries can provide up to 4 times the power output of traditional lead-acid batteries, this is now an effective and sustainable way to manage power supply needs in any environment

These pioneering batteries are also much safer compared to their lead-acid alternatives. Lithium-ion phosphate batteries completely eliminate the risk of overheating and explosions which would be catastrophic in the White Rhino, especially in such secluded spots away from home.

What’s more, BSLBATT’s lithium-ion batteries provide green power and each battery is 100% recyclable, allowing ESD to protect the environment they’re traveling through which is essential on such a far-out activity.

“We’re overwhelmed by the power we now have at our disposal. It really has enabled us to set out on a self-sustaining, unassisted, and independent journey,” added Lisa.

Anna Chen, director of BSLBATT Lithium, commented on the sponsorship, “We’re always looking for new sponsorship and partnership opportunities and when we heard about ESD company it really was the perfect partnership.

BSLBATT lithium-ion batteries are proving the perfect solution for the company as they provide clean, silent power, which is perfect for the sort of events hosted by ESD. As well as festivals and large-scale outdoor events, the batteries will be used to provide power at weddings in marquees for lighting, music systems, and bars; the last place you would want a noisy generator throwing out fumes.

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