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BSLBATT high voltage off grid 409.6V 300Ah residential energy storage system lithium battery

Product Specification:

  • Rated voltage 409.6 V
  • Rated capacity 300Ah
  • Rated battery capacity 122.88 kWh
  • Available at 90% DOD 110.592 kWh
More Information

Take control of your energy supply, cut your bills, and move towards a more sustainable future.

energy storage system in smart grid

Environmental concerns such as global warming have become world-wide issues. For this reason, distributed power sources, which utilize renewable forms of energy such as solar and wind power, and Smart Grids, which effectively utilize all types of power sources, are considered highly promising technologies.

Power grids realize a stable power supply by optimally balancing supply and demand. But as the use of solar power and other renewable energy sources, which have unstable output, continues to increase, power supply to the entire grid could become unstable. This presents a variety of challenges.

To overcome such challenges, we need technology that “stores electrical power.” By storing electrical energy in energy storage systems, the electrical load is equalized, promoting the efficient use of energy. Energy storage systems can also serve as back-up power sources in an emergency.

energy storage systems for homes

Energy storage system is highly versatile and this is a technology that can meet the needs of various users and be utilized in diverse fields. These include power generators that use renewable energy, grid equipment like energy transmission and distribution equipment, as well as commercial facilities, factories, and homes.

With our energy storage system, homes, businesses, stadiums, and cities gain access to safe, reliable, and efficient power management that harnesses the full potential of renewable sources. our mass production technology, and the consistently high quality and safety of our batteries, we are building energy storage systems that meet the demands of users ranging from grids to factories, office buildings, and homes.

energy storage system in electric vehicle energy storage system in microgrid
energy storage system by puredrive

energy storage system in malaysiaProducts Details

409.6V 300Ah Battery energy storage system parameters

Battery Type
409.6v 300ah Energy Storage System Battery (LiFePO4)
Storage energy
122 KWh
Nominal Voltage
Operating voltage range
Dimensions (L x W x H)
700mm x 1596mm x 1399mm
Rated charging current
0.33C ( 0℃- 50℃ )
Maximum continuous charging current
0.5C ( 20℃- 50℃ )
Rated discharge current
0.33C ( -20℃- 50℃ )
Maximum continuous discharge current
0.5C ( -20℃- 55℃ )
Communication methods

energy storage systems for homes

50Ah Cell parameters off-grid solar power system

Batteries specifications
Nominal capacity
50 Ah
Nominal voltage
3.2 V
Maximum continuous charging current
1 C ( 20℃- 50℃ )
Rated discharge current
0.5C ( -20℃- 55℃ )
Maximum continuous discharge current
2 C ( -20℃- 55℃ )
≤3.5%/ Month, New cell, 25±2℃, 50% SOC Storage after 3 months
The dimensions
39*95*148 mm
1.17 kg
Operating environment temperature
– 20℃- 55℃ ; Relative humidity: ≤85%
Storage temperature range
– 5℃- 28℃
Relative humidity range
Working relative humidity:10%-90%
Relative humidity of storage and transportation: 5%-95%
The altitude
The battery should be able to operate at altitudes of less than 6000m
Cycle life
4000 Cycles ≥ 80% DOD, 25 ± 2℃

50Ah-16S2P Module parameters ups power bank lithium-ion battery

energy storage system in china energy storage system in singapore
The project name
Technical indicators
Energy storage
Nominal capacity
Nominal voltage
Charging voltage
Rated charging current
Maximum continuous charging current
Rated discharge current
Maximum continuous discharge current
The dimensions
442*130*655 mm
About 45kg
Color requirements

Parameters of other models solar energy storage battery

Nominal capacity
Nominal power
Nominal voltage
Cabinet type
Set 1
38.4 Kwh
384.0 V
300 V
432 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 2
41.0 Kwh
409.6 V
320 V
461 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 3
43.5 Kwh
435.2 V
340 V
490 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 4
46.1 Kwh
460.8 V
360 V
518 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 5
48.6 Kwh
486.4 V
380 V
547 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 6
51.2 Kwh
512.0 V
400 V
576 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 7
53.8 Kwh
537.6 V
420 V
605 V
600*800 Cabinet
Set 8
56.3 Kwh
563.2 V
440 V
634 V
1200*800 Cabinet
Set 9
58.9 Kwh
588.8 V
460 V
662 V
1200*800 Cabinet
Set 10
61.4 Kwh
614.4 V
480 V
691 V
1200*800 Cabinet
Set 11
64.0 Kwh
640.0 V
500 V
720 V
1200*800 Cabinet
Set 12
66.6 Kwh
665.6 V
520 V
749 V
1200*800 Cabinet
Set 13
69.1 Kwh
691.2 V
540 V
778 V
1200*800 Cabinet

energy storage system (ess)Welcome in every household: Our energy storage systems.

energy storage system in australia energy storage system for electric vehicles
energy storage systems and components
Our Factory
energy storage system from

Company Profile

energy storage system for home

BSLBATT Energy Storage Systems

The basic idea of energy storage is the ideal management of the differences between the generation of electricity through a PV system and the actual consumption of electricity in the household. Rising electricity costs and simultaneously falling feed-in tariffs are additional factors to be taken into account. BSLBATT Energy Storage allows the production and storage of your own energy supply and significantly optimize your energy costs. Our energy storage units are characterized by the highest quality and reliability and are designed for long service life. The product portfolio offers a wide range of energy storage solutions to find the perfect one for every demand.
energy storage system in singapore
We are a qualified company, we have relevant certificates, such as CE, ISO, UN38.3, and so on. Our products have quality assurance, we can safely deliver the goods to our customers.

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