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High Voltage Lithium Battery Pack | LiFePO4 Battery 48V 100AH‎

Product Specification:

  • Battery Power: 3KWh,6Kwh,10Kwh
  • Battery Capacity Range: 60Ah, 100Ah, 160Ah
  • Battery Voltage: 58.4V,109.5V,219V,273.75V
  • (The ratings can be customized made)
More Information

High-Performance Battery Energy Storage Systems

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd designs develop and manufacture lithium-ion battery systems. As a trusted electrification partner to original equipment manufacturers around the world, our battery technology is present in a diverse range of applications, providing our customers with the right energy at the right time.

10 kwh lithium ion battery

The advantages of lithium battery replacing the lead-acid battery

1. Unplanned power failure

The system shuts down abnormally when battery power is exhausted due to unplanned power failure

2. Quarterly battery inspection

The battery needs to be inspected and discharged every quarter, increasing operation and maintenance costs

3. No power protection level

No power supply priority, no high power supply level for important services

4. Risk of widespread business disruption

The overall business interruption caused by UPS failure

5. The space utilization rate of the machine room is low, the construction cost is high

● The space ratio of UPS and IT equipment is approximately 1:3

● The load-bearing capacity of the data center machine room is about16kN/m2

6. Ambiguous future demand, insufficient flexibility of expansion

● The long cycle of design demonstration and large initial investment

● Early power supplies are often operated under light load

● The transformation of capacity expansion and system cutover is difficult to implement

7. Single capacity is increasing, operation and maintenance difficulty

● Large UPS require professional staff for UPS maintenance

● Lead-acid batteries need to be inspected regularly

● Depends on the single machine reliability of UPS

50 kwh lithium battery

The centralized lithium battery UPS solution for medium and large-sized data center rooms


● Matching with the program of double-channel mains, the independent 2N system can be formed, if a single power load is available, the STS can be selected as the switching device, but it breaks the independence of 2N system and need to install LBS.

● The UPS system operates completely independently of each other without the requirement of the same frequency, the same phase, and the same amplitude

● The whole system has no bus lines that affect each other, each bus is independent, can be maintained synchronously, fault tolerance is very strong, no single point of failure has the highest security and reliability
● The power supply and distribution system meets the requirements of grade A machine room or grade T4 of TIA942 standard

● Simple design concept, low hardware cost

● UPS usually adopts N+1 redundant configuration, having the highest efficiency and easy to expand capacity.

● Compared to the single-source N+1 system, this program has higher safety and reliability.

high-voltage lithium-ion

The distributed lithium battery UPS solution for medium and large-sized data center rooms

● Highly integrated

● New energy lithium battery system, a new Internet of things sensing technology, platform network management

● System standardization
● Standard system design, rapid design of scheme, rapid deployment, flexible capacity expansion

● Interface standardization

● Clear engineering interface,
● Simple construction,
● Elastic capacity expansion
● Component modularization

● Plug and play,
● Easy to install and replace,
● Easy to maintain

The advantages of lithium battery replacing lead-acid battery

15 kwh lithium battery

Project Schedule:

Weeks 1-8, Battery in Production
Weeks 9-12, Battery in Transit
Weeks 13-14, Battery installation and wiring
Weeks 14-16, Battery software integration

Solutions of lithium battery UPS for small and medium-sized data center rooms–Micro Module

high voltage lithium ion battery pack

Solutions of lithium battery UPS for small and medium-sized data center rooms–Micro Module


Basic Parameter

Nominal Capacity  100Ah  86Ah  100Ah  200Ah  25Ah
Nominal Voltage  51.2V 96V    192V      
Nominal Energy  5.12Kwh  8.2Kwh  9.6Kwh  19.2Kwh  4.8Kwh
Standard Charge Current  0.5C  0.5C  0.5C  0.1C  0.5C
Charge Upper Limit Voltage 58.4V 109.5V 219V  
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 1C 1C 1C 0.2C 2C
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 5.1KW 8.2KW 9.6KW 3.8KW 9.6KW
Discharge End Voltage 40V 75V 150V  
Weight 50KG 115KG 125KG 245KG 65KG
Communication Mode CAN/RS485/Dry Contact   
 Cycling Life    ≥2000 cycles @100%DOD, 0.5C charge-discharge, 25±2℃
Charging Temperature Range    0℃~40℃
Discharge Temperature Range            -10℃~55℃
Relative Humidity            10%~90%


 454*520*178  454*680*178  454*680*178  454*520*178  454*680*178
Total Height

of Battery Case

 4U  8U  8U  20U  4U

500 kwh lithium ion battery

100 kwh lithium ion battery

3K&6K&10K UPS Battery System

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