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Lithium Camping Battery B-LFP1200Wh

Product Specification:

  • Battery : 12.6V-100Ah, 1200Wh(LiFePO4, Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • 1200W – 220V AC current for the most common household applications
  • 12V continuous current for lighting and low voltage devices
  • 5V USB direct current to charge your mobile phone, tablet, etc
  • Dimensions : L: 280mm x P: 160mm x H: 210mm
More Information

B-LFP 1200W : smokeless, noiseless battery generator

BSLBATT best portable battery pack camping is a massive 1200Wh power source and a complete solution for your power needs on your camping, hiking and off-road weekend trips. At home, it can also be used as a backup power source in case of any unexpected blackouts. Although a little heavy with 10KG but its portable design and massive battery storage is a perfect combination for you to take it along with you on your trips and enjoy long-lasting power supply. Silent operation and zero-emission, you will be satisfied that you are drastically reducing carbon footprints by opting for this lithium camping battery over conventional noisy gas generators. BSLBATT B-LFP1200W is a must-have portable power supply for multiple uses from camping to a backup power source.

Lithium camping battery B-LFP1200W has a wide variety of output sockets to let your recharge and run different kinds of electrical appliance with ease. It features two AC sockets that deliver pure sine wave current which is essential for your high-end and sensitive devices. Furthermore, it also has 2x DC charging port, 4x USB ports and 1x QC 3.0 super fast charging ports that can quickly recharge your smartphones and other USB powered gadgets. A 12V/10A cigarette lighter port can be used for in-car appliances such as mini-refrigerators and air compressors. With its massive 120,000mAh battery and its various output sockets, the B-LFP1200W is an efficient and all-in-one power bank. Now you don’t need to carry different power banks, inverters and extension wires anymore. With the all-in-1 BSLBATT B-LFP1200W lithium camping battery power up all your devices simultaneously. 

Recharging the portable power for camping is very convenient; you can recharge it anywhere and anytime. During the day time, with its built-in MPPT solar charge controller and MC4 solar connectors (included in the package), you can quickly refill it directly from a solar panel 10A(max). You can also recharge from any conventional AC socket at your home or from a 12 DC supply or. With the battery management system (BMS) this portable power supply prevents the unit from over-current, over-charge and over-heat to give you and the device ultimate safety.

This portable camping battery pack B-LFP1200W is brought to you by BSLBATT , your online supplier of affordable high-quality outdoor gear and automotive gadgets. More Power, Less Footprint!

The voltage is controlled by the transformer. That is to say, the voltage varies from country to country. It can be changed.

Lithium camping battery B-LFP1200Wh


A considerable weight gain!

The lithium-ion batteries used in the BSLBATT (B-LFP1200W) generator are two times lighter than traditional lead-acid batteries. They are also twice as compact. The generator is lightweight and small, allowing you to be transported easily where you need it.


The BSLBATT 1200 Lithium is great for all your larger sized power needs or multiple smaller devices.

Smartphone 50+ Recharges
POV Camera 165+ Recharges
Headlamp 165+ Recharges
Tablet 37+ Recharges
Laptop 17+ Recharges
Light-a-Life 335+ Hours
Fridge 17+ Hours
32 LCD TV 10 hours

A very long lifespan !

The Lithium-Ion battery embedded in B-LFP1200W product is designed to last more than 10 years. This estimate is based on the number of recharge cycles (2000 to 5000 for a LiFePO4 battery) when a lead-acid battery has a lifetime of 2 to 3 years (500 to 600 cycles).

Support DC 5V USB, 12V, AC 100V/110V/220V/230V/240V output, can design output jack type according to national electricity demand

Five protections (overcurrent protection, over discharge protection, undervoltage and overvoltage protection, overpower protection, overcharge protection), safer to use

With both mains, solar and car charging, a variety of charging methods keep you away from no electricity


One of the advantages of portable generators over thermal generators is safety. Indeed, they do not contain gasoline, thus, no risk of fire, explosion or nuisance on health (non-carcinogenic).

The batteries embedded in BSLBATT are equipped with a electronic monitor called Battery Management System (BMS).

The BMS monitors the voltage and temperature of each lithium-ion cell that affects the operation of the battery.

The Battery Management System also has the mission to protect the battery from any misuse or mishandling (deep discharge, unsuitable charge voltage, etc.) to ensure the battery an optimal life

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are 100% environmentally friendly. They do not contain heavy metals (lead), nor acid.

The high efficiency of batteries (96%!) Ensures a very low energy loss in use, and therefore a better ecological footprint.

A wide range of applications

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Outdoor events, concerts, entertainment

Disaster relief camps

Camping and lighting

Cash registers and payment terminals

Computers and office tools

Electrical tools

Mobile phone recharge


Did you know ?

Whether for an electric light, a signaling system, a laptop, or simply for a service battery, our lithium-ion Iron phosphate batteries have no memory effect.

Thus, no particular care precautions are necessary. You can charge your battery partially or totally at your convenience, without having to wait for the full discharge, or to fully cycle the battery.

Low effect of extreme temperatures on batteries in operation

One of the big advantages of Lithium-Ion technology is that it is resistant to use in extreme temperatures. At -20 ° C and in discharge operation, a Lithium-Ion battery deliver on average 65% of its rated capacity against about 20% for a nickel or lead acid battery..


Items Parameter
Battery Type Portable Power Supply (LiFePO4)Batteries
Built-in converter temperature protection ≤80℃
Built-in converter overload protection ≤1200W
Built-in converter output voltage frequency 110V 60HZ/220V 50Hz
Built-in converter conversion efficiency ≥90%
Built-in converter output power Rated 600W  Peak Power 1200W
Built-in converter output waveform Sine wave
Certifications CE/ISO/UN38.3/MSDS
THD value ≤5%
Built-in charger input voltage frequency AC100V -260V 50Hz/60HZ
Built-in charger parameters 12.6V,100AH
UPS reaction time ≤5 millisecond
12V DC output port specifications 12V/200A*1
USB DC output port specifications 5V/2A*4
AC charging time ≤8h
Solar panel options 18V 20-150W Conversion efficiency≥15%
Solar energy is full of indicating battery voltage 12.5V±0.1V
LED lighting power 1W(Maximum can be done 3W)
product weight 10KG
Cycle Life > 2000 cycles
Product Size(L×W×H) 28*16*21cm
colour Yellow/red
external battery charger yes

Packing list:

Sequence name Quantity
1 Power host 1
2 AC power cord 1
3 Solar charging DC5521 plug 1
4 Instruction manual 1
5 LED light 12V 3W (optional) 1
6 Solar panel 18V ≤100W (optional) 1

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How to charge your portable generators?

The 600W portable generators with lithium ion BSLBATT® batteries can be charged from a power outlet. They can also be charged via a solar panel. 

Our 600W portable generators are made of Lithium ion batteries that have no memory effect. Thus, no loading precautions are necessary. You can partially or fully recharge your battery when it suits you best. That is to say, without having to wait for the complete discharge, nor to carry out a full charge cycle of the battery.

-Solar panel not included-

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Origin Guarantee/Warranty Price Product Features Product Performance Prompt Delivery Quality Approvals Reputation Service Small Orders Accepted

Main Export Markets:

Asia/Australasia Central/South America/Eastern Europe/Mid East/Africa North America/Western Europe

Whether you are ready to order or just want a price quote we will do our best to assist you. Please fill in the form below with your contact info, or send your inquiry to [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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