Safe, Provide Lithium Energy for Marine Applications

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Safe, Provide Lithium Energy for Marine Applications


Wisdom Power® energy storage lithium company, offers inherent safety in best solutions up to 1000V and any capacity from kWh to MWh, and uses proprietary phosphate technology. The technology is delivering reliable field performance for over 10 years with configurable control and redundancy through Battery Management System for reducing integration.

Wisdom Power® energy storage lithium company oemWisdom Power® energy storage lithium company manufacturer

Main Benefits:

★ Reduced Noise

★ Inherent Safety

★ Configurable

★ Modular and Scalable Flexibility

★ Decreased Emissions

★ Ease of Integration ( BMS)

★ Multiple Protocols / On-board Diagnostic Options

Wisdom Power® energy storage lithium company develops and produces advanced series “BSLBATT” (Best Solution for Lithium Battery). The application for marine industry have solutions to provide house power, propulsion, UPS & emergency back up power for large commercial projects like tugboats, marine boat, water taxis, manufacturers of electric ferry, and large personal yachts.

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Key Features:

★ ABS case & iron case

★ Reliability for critical applications

★ 2000 cycles at 100% DOD to 70% of initial capacity

★ Inside safety through phosphate chemistry

★ Fully integrated battery management system (BMS)

★ No hydrogen gas release

★ On board or remote data logging options available

★ Charge options (full charge or others)

★ Sealed, inflaming retarding, maintenance free design

★ Two year warranty

Wisdom Power® energy storage lithium company

BSLBATT is responding to the demand of power for Marine Battery:

Wisdom Power® energy storage lithium company marine battery power enables a driving system over core requirements of marine battery manufacturers, and ensures important advantages compare with traditional lead acid type batteries and other lithium chemistry.

Using on open waters, marine driving systems must to be reliable. Leading innovation among marine battery manufacturers, Lithium Iron Phosphate modules offer a reliable power source due to LiFePO4’s more cycle life, safety, and battery management system(BMS).

Our Marine battery Solutions are provided by the Wisdom Power® energy storage lithium company, please click here for full specifications.

Reference source: lithiumwerks

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