Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer BMS Technology Introduction?

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Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer BMS Technology Introduction?

Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer BMS system

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Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer BMS test results(1)

Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer OEM


Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer BMS test results(2)


Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer factory

Marketing company listed issues

How to balance BMS, I hope to work under the hardware or software training;

How to calculate SOC, (software calculation method) basic principle;

Some basic troubleshooting solutions (the various problems and solutions that occur when the Institute of Technology is testing);

How does BMS shield and how to avoid interference when loading?


Technical Institute recommends the basic knowledge of training.


Wisdom Power® Lithium battery Manufacturer

EMC Control Technology – Transmission Channel Suppression

Filtering: Eliminate or suppress the disturbance frequency component and cut off the path of the disturbance signal along the signal line or power line.
Shielding: Use shields to block or attenuate the transmission of electromagnetic disturbance energy. Grounding: Safety grounding, signal grounding,
Lap: Connect between two metal bodies to create a stable low-impedance electrical path to avoid potential differences.


EMC Control Technology – Space Separation

Increase the spatial distance between the source of disturbance and the receiver (sensitive device) and adjust the radiation direction.
Mobile communication cellular design (frequency differentiation);
In order to meet the electromagnetic compatibility requirements, try to increase the spatial distance between the various devices that make up the system;
Limit the minimum spacing of parallel cables and reduce crosstalk in equipment and system wiring;
The minimum interval of trace is specified in the PCB.

EMC control technology separated for a time

When the source of disturbance is very strong and should not be suppressed by other methods, the time division method is adopted.
The interference signal and the useful signal do not overlap or cover at the time. . TDMA/TDM.
The aircraft radar transmits a blocking pulse and turns off the alarm. Commonly used in satellites, aircraft carriers, and weapons and equipment.

EMC Control technology electrical isolation

Mechanical coupling: electrical mechanical relay.

Electromagnetic coupling: transformer, DCDC converter Magnetic isolation.

Photoelectric coupling: optical coupling.

Common faults, hidden dangers?

Power supply wiring error (***) Acquisition wiring error (*****) Connector or harness connection loose.

The system enters the water to cause a short circuit (recoverable / non-recoverable). The acquisition line is connected to the battery box or the switching device (*****). The battery failure causes the BMS to burn out (****) SOC confusion, and the system charges and discharges the affected single battery. Fault, system alarm.

BMS standby power consumption / static power consumption is large, battery power consumption light BMS balance strategy error, battery pack one-way deterioration BMS hardware failure.

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