BSLBATT Ambassadors

We have a great team of people who help spread the word about their enthusiasm for BSLBATT Battery. BSLBATT Ambassadors are a select group of off-grid power system DIYers, forklift dealers, golf cart dealers, inverter dealers, installers, adventurers, explorers and content creators who share a common Values: They bring to life our ethos of empowering energy independence for all.

What We Offer + What We Expect

We offer our ambassadors partial to full sponsorships, deep discounts on batteries, assistance from our technical team on set-up requirements, installation questions, and more. Depending on the level of sponsorship, we ask for various content and promotion of the BSLBATT brand for our website and social media channels. Support the content creators who are keen to share the content creator of the BSLBATT BATTERY experience.

Lithium battery

Discounts and grants on BSLBATT products

Get the best prices when it comes to new BSLBATT products with the potential of partial or full sponsorship via our grant program.

Partnership opportunities

We love working with our influencer community to grow the Material Handling Industries/Forklift Rental/Home Energy Storage/Golf Cart Dealers/ RV/Marine/ Floor Machines/ Trucking space. Receive support with how-to series, Q&A sessions, interviews, and more.

forklift lithium battery

Product test the latest BSLBATT products

Be the first to test and critique upcoming products from BSLBATT.

Support from our technical experts

Have access with our application engineers and technical support team for feedback on your plans.Gain access to our team of application engineers and technical support professionals for valuable feedback on your plans.

Material Handling Industries/Forklift Rental/Home Energy Storage/Golf Cart Dealers/ RV/Marine/ Floor Machines/etc.

lithium iron phosphate battery

Join a community of BSLBATT users

When you join the Ambassadors network, you join a community of BSLBATT users. Participate in monthly content contents and win prizes.

Benefit By Doing What You Love

All content creators are encouraged to apply to the Ambassadors Program for event collaboration opportunities, access to our technical team, discount on new products and consideration for BSLBATT grant and product testers pool. We love to hear more about what makes you stand out, your projects (past and present), your passions and your experiences.


If you are creating content already or manage a community of Material Handling Industries enthusiasts with over 5000 members/subscribers, we would love to work with you. If you are not there yet but are working towards there, reach out as well as we love working with rising stars.


Grants/sponsorship & product testing opportunities are announced to the ambassador pool as they’re available and interested ambassadors may apply to be considered. Grant/sponsorship applications are determined by the scope of project, impact, originality, applicant’s track record and other factors.

Apply to become a BSLBATT Ambassador today