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Lithium forklift batteries reduce labor costs and improve forklift efficiency and uptime. Select your battery from over 950 options for all forklift types, makes, and models. Forget about maintenance and focus on operations.

Product Specification:

  • Rated voltage: 24, 36, 48, 72, 80 volt
  • Available battery system energy content: 1.2 to 138.0 kWh
  • Available capacities: 52 to 1716 Ah
  • Discharging temperature range: -28° C to +55° C / -18° F to +131° F
  • Charging temperature range: -28° C to +55° C / -18° F to +131° F
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Lithium batteries for forklifts save time, money, and the environment. Delivers up to 50% longer run time than lead acid with similar capacity. longer lifespan. Up to 50% energy saving, 46% lower cost for long time use, and 20% more power than lead-acid.⚡

forklift lithium battery

BSLBATT Lithium forklift battery is the Best lithium battery solution for all-electric material handling (MHE) Classes 1-3, including small pallet jacks, end riders, center riders, narrow aisle forklifts, 3-4 wheel forklifts, large turret trucks, and other material handling equipment vehicles. We Got You Covered. Best Prices, Best Options, Best Technology- all in one. Let us show you why the BSLBATT battery is the ultimate motive power battery!

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toyota forklift lithium-ion battery

  • The series products offer a wide range of features due to their modular design, which is inspired by automotive engineering;
  • In order to increase the mechanical strength and reduce vibration, the mainframe of the structure is made of aluminum extrusion and sheet metal rivets;
  • A 3000W welding power aluminum bar is used, a low-voltage wiring harness uses ultrasonic welding or laser welding for higher flow capacity and reliability.
  • It is foolproof and simplifies the assembly process, so production efficiency is improved; it is compatible with FPCB flexible cables and AWG wiring harnesses;
  • Module brackets have a reserved expansion gap for the cell; this is more conducive to the life of the cell and to the dissipation of heat;
  • It is beneficial for the module to be used in high-voltage scenarios because it has automotive-grade insulation design, adding the module cover and power insulation platform.
  • A WiFi transceiver integrated into the vehicle provides data that can be accessed via Web-based software to improve battery performance and fleet efficiency
  • The forklift system needs to be compatible with your specific forklift manufacturer (Hyster-Yale, Crown, Toyota, Raymond, Combilift, Jungheinrich, Caterpillar, Doosan, Mitsubishi, etc).
  • System for managing batteries designed in-house
  • The devices are equipped with CANbus ports and relays for flexible operation as well as contactors for a variety of operations


lithium-ion batteries for the forklift

  • This large-capacity lithium battery has a special process formula and a unique structure design that ensures its safety performance;
  • The battery is safe, no fire, no explosion, the single cell passes heating, short circuit, nail test, and extrusion test.
  • Improved antiknock and vibration resistance of the module design;
  • Heat radiation from the battery pack: 7 degrees less than other batteries based on simulation testing;
  • Wiring harness equipment and testing are performed by professionals, which ensures a stable and reliable process.

lithium battery factory

  • Comparing lithium-ion lift truck batteries with lead-acid ones, Li-ion battery costs are lower
  • The savings include those related to energy, equipment, labor, and downtime.
  • Forklift battery investment is reduced by 3 to 4 times compared to lead-acid batteries
  • -Higher efficiency – around 30% less energy is lost during charging and discharging, therefore electricity is consumed less
  • Regenerative brakes recover more current from regenerative braking, resulting in longer runtimes, lower losses, and lower energy consumption
  • Even at the end of a shift, a truck with consistent performance will have greater productivity due to a more constant voltage curve
  • Charges within one to two hours, allowing you to top up during brief breaks without damaging the battery.
  • A fast opportunity charge enables continuous operation with a single battery, reducing the need to purchase, store, and maintain spare batteries
  • The battery remains on board the truck and does not require top-ups or electrolyte checks.
  • No gas – avoids the space, equipment, and running costs of a battery room and ventilation system
    Inbuilt protection – intelligent battery management system (BMS) automatically prevents excessive discharge, charge, voltage, and temperature, as well as virtually eliminating application errors

Happy New Year

Considering the battery options for your forklifts?

Do you know about the advantages of Lithium Ion forklift Battery and why the new Lithium batteries for your lift truck are the best choice? Read this week’s blog about how BSLBATT Lithium Ion forklift Battery Battery has helped dozens of companies have already successfully switched their truck fleets to Li-ion and are enjoying the benefits. Moreover, BSLBATT Lithium Ion forklift Battery will customize a battery based on the lift truck application, be it a regular warehouse, food processing, freezer environment, or outdoor conditions.

BSL Lithium Batteries
Fast and easy conversion

BSLBATT® Lithium-Ion batteries can simply replace current lead-acid batteries without any modification to new or existing lift trucks. Custom-designed trays with similar dimensions and weights and features make the conversion very straightforward: “LEAD OUT – LITHIUM IN”.

You supply the technical drawings, we’ll build you a BSLBATT Lithium Ion Forklift Battery!

You begin from day one experiencing the cost savings and efficiency of BSLBATT® Lithium-Ion technology.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of BSLBATT Lithium Technology’s Multi-Voltage Battery!

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