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12V 542AH Lithium RV House Battery | BSLBATT LiFePO4 Batteries

Built for use as house batteries in RVs, Campers, Van builds, or any vehicle where you are camping or … BSLBATT Lithium 12v 542Ah Lithium RV House Batteries.

Product Specification:

  • Model B-LFP12-542
  • Voltage 12V
  • Capacity 542Ah, 6504Wh
  • Life Cycles 3500@ 80% DOD
  • Dimensions 165 x 319 x 234 mm
More Information

High-Power Energy To Explore

When your journey involves countless miles or remote campsites, you need a trustworthy battery that won’t hold you back. Lightweight BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are maintenance-free, fast-charging, and environmentally friendly to provide reliable power and peace of mind while you enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet.

LiFePO4 RV batteries

As a simple-to-install drop-in replacement and upgrade from hazardous lead-acid batteries, the BSLBATT lithium RV house battery is the safest and most robust lithium chemistry. Capable of reaching over 5000 cycles, a BSLBATT Deep Cycle Lithium Battery can be re-charged Thousands of times providing 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD). BSLBATT lithium RV house battery is a perfect option for any Recreational Vehicle application, both deep cycle and starting. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, Our lithium RV house battery will charge at 100% efficiency, and with lightning-fast charging, you will be spending less time charging batteries and more time camping.

Our staff specializes in the technical specifics of lithium batteries and the components to support a lithium upgrade. They can also advise on the installation of batteries and equipment.

We work with a network of installers that can help make this transition as easy as possible.

We’ve performed extensive testing on the RV industry’s major suppliers to ensure compatibility. Our experience enables us to assess your current batteries and components and allows us to build a system to power your future adventures. Whether it’s in a motorized, towable, or truck camper, BSLBATT lithium battery manufacturer has the batteries, components, and knowledge for your lithium upgrade.

BSLBATT lithium RV house batteries are also the best battery for RV solar panels which more people are using for more sustainable energy sources. For any application, the BSLBATT lithium RV house battery factory line is the best RV Battery on the market today!

Benefits of Lithium Batteries For Your RV

Faster charging

Our BSLBATT lithium RV house battery has a 99% charge efficiency vs lead acid’s 85%, and charges 4-6x faster.

Longer Lasting

Our deep-cycle lithium RV house batteries last 2 to 4 times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries.

Up to 70% Lighter

Our BSLBATT lithium RV house batteries weigh ½ of lead-acid batteries with equal capacity.

Maintenance Free

Our BSLBATT lithium RV house batteries require no maintenance whatsoever.

Bluetooth Monitoring

Bluetooth monitoring from your phone so you can know exactly what your battery life is at any time.

Drop-In Replacement

Our BSLBATT lithium RV house batteries are plug-and-play. Just connect your battery and you’re ready to go.


BSLBATT lithium RV house batteries are leak-free, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Run in Parallel

Connect multiple lithium RV house batteries and run as many as needed in parallel

Lower Discharge Rate

BSLBATT lithium RV house batteries self-discharge at only about 2% per month compared to lead-acid 30%


Key Specifications/Special Features:

36V 200Ah High Output Discharge Lithium Battery by BSLBATT Lithium Company.

This Lithium Battery is best for RV & Caravans, Motorhomes, Industrial equipment, and industrial sweepers. It has Auto-Reay and Emergency cut-off protection features. Bluetooth and wifi monitoring features are equipped.

Items Parameter
Battery Type LiFePO4
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 542Ah
Energy 6937.6 WH
Dimensions (L x W x H) customized
Weight customized
Case Material ABS/Iron case
Certifications CE/ISO/UN38.3/MSDS
Efficiency 99%
Self Discharge <1% per Month
Series & Parallel Application max. 4 series or 4 parallel connected application
Peak Discharge Current 400 A
Continus Discharge Current 200 A
Operation Temperature Range -20~60℃
Voltage at end of Discharge 14.4 V
Working Voltage 11.2-14.4V
Discharge Temperature -4 to 140 ºF (-20 to 60 ºC)
Charge Temperature 32 to 113 ºF (0 to 45 ºC)
Storage Temperature 23 to 95 ºF (-5 to 35 ºC)
Cycle Life >3500@ 80% DOD
Self-Discharge Rate Residual capacity: ≤3%/month; ≤15%/years
Reversible capacity: ≤1.5%/month; ≤8%/years
Storage Temperature & Humidity Range Less than 1 month: -20℃~35℃, 45%RH~75%RH
Less than 3 months: -10℃~35℃, 45%RH~75%RH
Recommended storage environment: 15℃~35℃,45%RH~75%RH

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Origin Guarantee/Warranty Price Product Features Product Performance Prompt Delivery Quality Approvals Reputation Service Small Orders Accepted


BSLBATT caring every detail of the lithium battery pack to assure you get the safest and durable battery using experience:

Dual Safe BMS, Steel Plate on Top & Screw Supported Overhead Tailored & Qualified Cable for Fast Charging and Discharging

lithium battery factory

Main Export Markets:

Asia/Australasia Central/South America/Eastern Europe/Mid East/Africa North America/Western Europe

Whether you are ready to order or just want a price quote we will do our best to assist you. Please fill in the form below with your contact info, or send your inquiry to [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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