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LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs

Bring Our Legendary Performance To Your Unique Project

BSLBATT has been building more stable, durable, and efficient power supply solutions. that exceed customer demands since 2003. We offer a wide range of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, each specifically engineered to deliver a high cycle life and excellent performance over a wide operating temperature.

Legendary products are powered by legendary batteries. Bring BSLBATT Lithium performance to your unique project, store, & brand. We’ll work with you to build the perfect battery for your application, whether it’s higher voltage, more capacity, or a particular look or size. We’ve got you covered. Minimum order of 100 is typically required for custom and OEM batteries.

BSLBATT Lithium is your premier lithium battery assembler. We manufacture custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs and assemblies for many applications. Our battery design team uses the latest mechanical and electronic design tools to optimize the reliability, safety, and manufacturability of your custom LFP battery packs.

BSLBATT 12V Lithium-Ion Battery

Our line of LiFePO4 batteries offers a solution to demanding applications that require a lighter weight, longer life, and higher capacity battery. Features include advanced battery management systems (BMS), Bluetooth® communication, and active intelligent monitoring.

How to LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs?

Normally, We will request a basic battery technical from you. This will ensure we can give the best solution on LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs. So we know what BMS and cells are best suitable. Also, there are many battery chemistries, and the BSLBATT battery engineer knows what fits best for your design.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

LiFePO4 Custom Battery Pack Advantages

LiFePO4 custom battery packs provide excellent thermal stability, very fast charge times, and long cycle life. However, since they operate at a slightly lower voltage than standard Li-ion chemistry, they provide slightly less energy content than other Li-Ion battery packs. Some of the main benefits of utilizing a lithium ferrous phosphate custom battery pack over other lithium chemistries include:

● Longer cycle life

● Increased abuse tolerance

● Faster recharge

● Less expensive than other chemistries

There are certain tradeoffs when utilizing a LiFePO4 custom battery pack over other Li-Ion chemistries. Lithium ferrous phosphate custom battery packs produce less energy for a given volume/weight, but in many applications, their abundant performance advantages make up for any loss of energy.

Our Ranges

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LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs Features

BSLBATT Battery is the nation’s leading lithium battery manufacturer. Our custom lithium iron phosphate battery packs provide the following features:

Cell Voltage: 3.2V (nominal)

Capacity: 1Ah to 1000Ah+

Energy by Weight: 90–110 Watt Hour/Kilogram

Energy by Volume: 220 Wh/L

Discharge Characteristics: Power cells are hi-rate capable

Cycle Life: 2000 to 7000 cycles.

Self Discharge: ≤3% month

Temperature Range: -0° C to +60° C

Preferred Charge Methods: CC/CV to

Sizes: 18650, 26650, 33700, and large prismatic

Lastly, Lithium charging follows a similar charging profile as SLA, Constant Current Constant Voltage (CC/CV). However, lithium can be charged faster, without the need for a maintenance float charge. Take a look at these blog posts for more information on the differences between lithium and lead-acid batteries and how to charge lithium batteries. These benefits make Lithium Iron Phosphate the chemistry of choice for the most demanding applications.

Custom Battery Packs

Can’t find the battery you are looking for?

BSLBATT battery offers an extensive range of battery sizes and configurations that support various applications. For those applications that require unique power requirements, our expert engineers can help design, develop, test, and manufacture custom battery solutions for the specific needs of almost any application. Contact us today for more information on our custom battery packs solutions.

Request a quote on LiFePO4 Custom Battery Packs for your application. Drop us a note below or at or +86 752-2819469 to discuss your custom and OEM lithium battery needs.

You supply the technical drawings, we’ll build you a BSLBATT battery!