Lithium Batteries for Material Handling Equipment

Our lithium ion battery is becoming a much-sought-after battery technology for unique applications demanding dependable energy, and operating in challenging conditions.

Material Handling

Material handling equipment encompasses a wide range of vehicle types, typically used to move products in the manufacturing and distribution phases.


Class I: Electric Motor Rider Trucks


Counterbalanced Forklifts – These forklifts can handle a capacity of 8,000 lbs or more, making them essential when lifting heavy materials throughout a facility.


3-Wheel Forklifts – Similar to counterbalanced forklifts, their 3 wheel design gives them a tighter turning radius, so they are a bit more nimble, at the expense of heavier lifting capacity.


Class II: Electric Narrow Aisle Trucks


Narrow Aisle Forklifts – Found in operations that want to maximize their storage space. This lift truck can operate in tighter spaces.


Class III: Electric Hand Trucks or Hand/Rider Trucks


End Riders / Center Riders – Minimal lift capabilities (i.e. lifting a pallet off the ground) used to transport materials throughout a facility.


Wallet Pallet Jacks – Designed to move loads up to 8,000 lbs. They are commonly found in delivery trucks for efficient loading and unloading of materials.

Counterbalanced Forklift

Counterbalanced Forklift

36V, 48V, 80V high-quality forklift Li-ion battery pack Higher continuous lithium-ion power for the widest range of work shifts.

Heavy-Duty Forklifts

Heavy-Duty Forklifts

BSLBATT® heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries are used by many fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Yale-Hyster, Linde, Taylor, Kalmar, Lift-Force and Raniero.

Heavy-Duty Forklifts


36V & 48V High Quality Forklift Li-Ion Battery Pack Designed to power three-wheeled forklifts operating in tighter rack spaces.

Combilift Forklift

Combilift Forklift

BSLBATT Lithium batteries for Aisle Master and Combilift electric lift trucks

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

Narrow Aisle Forklifts

36V High Quality Forklift Lithium Ion Battery Pack Energy storage solutions designed for narrow-aisle industrial equipment.

Walkie Pallet Jacks

Walkie Pallet Jacks

24V High Quality Forklift Lithium Ion Battery Pack Provides higher sustained power for end and center riders in any operation.

Forklift Lithium Battery

BSLBATT Battery – Industrial is a forklift lithium battery manufacturer based in China. Designed for execution in multi-shift warehouse applications. With superior performance and safety…


A distinguishing feature of the way we work is to interpret the specific needs of our clients and propose solutions that best suit their needs.


The BSLBATT Lithium Battery has 4000 life cycles and the ability to perform a partial fast charge, making the use of the industrial Forklift more flexible and eliminating management costs as the BSLBATT Lithium battery does not require any maintenance.


No emissions and a wide operating temperature range make the BSLBATT Lithium Battery the perfect lithium battery for machinery in the food, beverage and tissue industry, refrigeration systems and other environments characterized by specific climatic conditions.

Material Handling Industry Needs

Why BSLBATT - forklift lithium battery?

● Increased uptime, reduced costs, greater efficiency and equipment utilization

● Single battery operation through multiple shifts, zero daily maintenance, no battery room

● Increasing number of diverse and specialized equipment, including models for warehouses with increased height

● Versatile drop-in solutions for a vast variety of equipment and applications

● Data-driven management of material handling operations

● BSLBATT BMS provides data on each lift truck battery charging events, energy throughput and much more

● Top safety and hygiene standards

● Li-ion batteries are a safe, non-toxic power source with zero emission of pollutants

● Adoption of automated solutions to mitigate labor shortages and the rising cost of labor

● Automation-ready – a perfect fit for AGVs and AMRs

● A greater share of clean power and overall reduction of energy use in order to meet corporate sustainability goals

● Lithium batteries use up to 30% less electricity thna to lead-acid due to better energy conversion

Proven Power

The BSLBATT Battery has been validated to over 60 industry quality and safety checks. It has multiple layers of monitoring, safety, and backup redundancies both in the module and complete unit. The battery is designed and assembled in China., and its assembly facilities meet the stringent ISO 9001:2015 certification standards. In addition, BSLBATT is the first forklift lithium battery in China to obtain UL2580 certification for its complete product line. Maximum and safe transfer of energy is conducted through flexible copper busbar cabling. BSLBATT’s lithium batteries have a proven track record already integrated with over 40,000 electric lift trucks.

forklift lithium battery

Maximal economy and flexibility thanks to a modular design

BSLBATT industrial battery is highly regarded for its performance and enhanced charging times. The Lithium Battery System is freely scaleable, meets stringent safety standards and has been the most economical and reliable alternative in the field of the industrial vehicle since its conception. The speed with which these compact, thoroughly durable solutions can be charged makes them ideal for use the mobility requirements of the world of machinery.

New Forklift batteries

BSLBATT Industrial Battery Highlights

 Adopting automotive-grade modular design ideas, series products are highly versatile;


 The main frame of the structure adopts aluminum extrusion and sheet metal riveting to enhance the mechanical strength and have higher vibration resistance;


 Use 3000W welding power aluminum bar, low-voltage wiring harness adopts ultrasonic welding/laser welding; higher flow capacity and reliability;


 Compatible with the modular design of the wiring harness (FPCB flexible cable and AWG wiring harness), the modular plug is foolproof and simplifies the assembly process, which improves production efficiency;


 The module bracket design reserves the cell expansion gap; it is more conducive to cell life and heat dissipation requirements;


 Automotive-grade insulation design, adding the module cover/power insulation platform, the insulation level is higher; it is beneficial for the module to be used in high-voltage scenarios.

Customer Stories About Lithium Ion

Industrial Machinery: The demand for safe and durable Lithium-ion batteries will increase as more industries adopt computerized systems into their operating processes. material handling equipment, industrial robots, and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) are some examples of the use of Lithium-ion batteries.

Thanks to its operation and innovative lithium technology, the BSLBATT battery is the ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications: versatile and reliable throughout its life cycle, it offers the best performance in the lithium battery category.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The traditional lead-acid companies are starting to make lithium versions, but are a bit late to the party because their infrastructure is lead-acid based and well over 100 years old. Estimates show that market penetration is only around 7–10% in the material handling world. No one is officially tracking the sales data yet, so realistically – it’s anybody’s guess. BSLBATT is one of the leading lithium battery manufacturers for lift trucks in China. We’ve been making lithium batteries for forklifts since 2012.

A: Quality and safety are absolutely critical. A BSLBATT battery pack is made using large-format prismatic lithium-ion cells. The cells are constrained against shock and vibration in a steel enclosure. Battery interconnections are made with flexible busbars and high-strand cabling. It has multiple layers of monitoring, safety, and backup redundancies both in the module and the complete unit.

A: Choosing a company you can trust and support your products needs to be priority number one. BSLBATT supports and guides our distributors to be NO. 1 in the Replacement of Lead Acid Batteries with LiFePO4 Forklift Battery in local market. Our Lithium technology portfolio helps you get the right battery technology that fits best with your operation. All products are supported by an extensive North American Sales and Service network that is factory trained and meets all specialized lithium regulatory requirements.

forklift battery

What's inside a BSLBATT lithium battery?

If you’re ready to make the switch to a safe and efficient lithium-ion solution, BSLBATT’s experienced professionals are ready to help. Contact us today for forklift battery pricing or for a quote on replacement forklift batteries.