Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

The task of stabilizing the power grid and the efficient use of energy has become a global concern

Lithium-Ion Phosphate Battery Solutions for Energy Storage Applications

Energy storage systems come in many forms but the most common, and most practical, are battery systems. Technology is moving at an incredible pace, and this is particularly true with batteries. The development of lithium-ion is overtaking traditional lead-acid batteries providing a longer life and increased capacity.

BSLBATT develops and provides all the major components of energy storage systems, which are used to create the most innovative and environment-friendly solutions for a sustainable and clean future. BSLBATT offers a wide range of energy storage solutions (ESS Solutions) such as Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Switchgear and Micro Grid Power.

Safe – Wisdom Power offers a lithium-ion solution considered one of the safest chemistries on the market. Safety is most important at both ends of the spectrum.

Design – Large scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) hold massive reserves of energy which require proper design and system management. Small systems entrusted within our homes require safety and reliability above all else.

Quality – Wisdom Power offers quality products, from cells to full packs. They include multi-level safety features including an integrated Battery Management System (BMS). Wisdom Power provides versatility and scalability while maintaining safety.

Key benefits

Modularity offers 12V to 1000V systems

Expandable from kWh to MWh in size

Provides emergency backup power, including high power UPS systems

Intrinsically safe cathode material

Works seamlessly with fuel cells, solar, & wind power generation

Parallel strings for redundancy and maximum reliability

Easy to assemble

Integrated battery management system monitors all critical systems such as individual cell voltages, temperatures, current, and State of Charge

BSLBATT batteries have 8,000 to 10,000 cycles of charge and discharge making them last for 15 to 20 years.

Energy storage systems have many benefits. By making solar and wind more reliable and predictable, they can:

Increase the potential applications for solar and wind power, even to commercial facilities requiring “mission-critical” power systems

Further, reduce your dependence on the electrical power grid as well as associated costs

Improve predictability and make your operation more resilient

Reduce downtime and the loss of productivity that accompanies it

Save energy costs by using grid power during off-peak periods

Reduce Demand Charges from the utility

BSLBATT Energy Storage Solutions can work with you to plan, design and install your storage system. Whether that’s as a stand-alone means of storing cheap off-peak energy, as a retro-fit into your existing solar set up, or as a complete generation and storage solution.


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Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
Energy Storage Systems