Why become a BSLBATT Battery - SOLAR lithium battery dealers?

Because of our unparalleled commitment to innovative lithium products, incredible customer service and one-of-a-kind dealer support. We are a brave new lithium iron phosphate battery company and seek to partner with like-minded BSLBATT lithium battery dealers and contractors.

The Most Trusted Lithium Battery Brand in China*

More people choose BSLBATT Battery than any other company


As a true leading supplier of lithium batteries in China, BSLBATT has deployed more than 160,000 batteries worldwide, achieving energy self-sufficiency for more than 80,000 households and business customers. With unparalleled industry experience, product innovation, service system, making renewable energy accessible and affordable. Today, our revolutionary, non-toxic deep cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries are replacing lead-acid batteries in home energy storage, vehicles, marine and material handling. The future of BSLBATT Battery is advanced renewable energy storage by deploying our proprietary patented solid-state battery technology.

Benefits and Resources
Why choose BSLBATT Battery?

We’ve been in the battery business for over 20 years and have learned how to build on our success. If you want to be a professional lithium battery dealers, BSLBATT Battery is your first choice! As the most recognized and trusted lithium battery manufacturer, we pride ourselves on authorizing our distributors. Whatever your needs, we will train you, guide you and support you on an ongoing basis. Together, we can help you build your customer base and sell lithium battery safety products like never before. BSLBATT Battery has everything you need to make your business successful.

Your advantages at a glance


On the entire BSLBATT battery portfolio

High level sales leads

for your service business

Partner: Co-Marketing

Co-marketing activities (e.g. Exhibition events, webinars)

BSLBATT Brand and Marketing

People buy brands they know, and 74% of people recognize BSLBATT. BSLBATT is a globally recognised, respected and trusted brand offering the best lithium batteries for smarter, and cleaner renewable energy storage.

Administrative Support

Few brands offer as much administrative support as BSLBATT Battery. We provide you with the expert guidance you need

Local Service Support

Set up regional offices in key regions around the world, and set up operating agencies, technology R&D centers, and manufacturing base service networks in the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Nigeria, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico and other countries and regions; Strengthen brand promotion and building.

Installation and Inventory

Forget drilling and wiring. Installation is simple with BSLBATT Battery. In fact, we cut the installation time in half.

Technical support

by our team

Free BSLBATT licences

for demo purposes

Along with gaining access to our ambitious incentive program with great prizes you can earn, you’ll gain valuable support. Our highly knowledgeable and talented team brings you advanced training courses, marketing and sales tools, consumer financing, post-sale support, and more.

Real BSLBATT lithium battery dealers. Real stories.

Our Certifications

BSLBATT® Battery Dealer Program FAQs

Authorized dealers work with BSLBATT to sell and install lithium batteries. As part of this program, customers pay you directly when you install a qualifying alarm system. We will work closely with you to build on your foundation. Not just batteries, but unmatched service, training and ongoing support. Our products are batteries, but our business is relationships and helping you succeed. View dealer benefits and become a member of the family today.​

Simple. Call +86 (752) 2819-469 JOIN- for more information about becoming an BSLBATT® Battery Authorized Dealer.

A lot. Our program onboarding includes ongoing sales training, marketing resources, help with hiring and more.

It doesn’t cost you anything to join the program, and there are no hidden fees. Call +86 (752) 2819 469 JOIN- for more information about becoming a BSLBATT® Battery Authorized Dealer.