Lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers

BSLBATT Battery – SOLAR offers a full line of The Safest, Most Powerful Lithium – Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt, 48-volt and 144-volt systems, the ultimate replacements for traditional lead acid batteries and relief of battery anxiety … For a Variety of Uses.

BSLBATT Lithium iron phosphate batteries are designed specifically for OEMs, but our Lithium Batteries line is perfect for dealers, installers, and consumers.

Why Lithium Iron Phosphate?

2x more power than lead-acid batteries. 14 times the weight and only 1/2 the weight.

BSLBATT Battery is the latest lithium battery technology. It replaces traditional deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with the safest and longest-lasting lithium iron phosphate batteries. They are used for auxiliary power in Renewable Energy, Material Handling, Golf Cart, Marine, RV, Trailer & Camper, Floor Machines and wherever reliable energy storage is required. LiFePO4 batteries are one of the most durable and reliable energy sources on the market. And, they’re great for powering all your adventures. Take a new step in green energy with rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries.


BSLBATT Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Benefits

We are the creators of BSLBATT, bringing you revolutionary technology at an affordable price. Imagine longer battery life, harder work, and smarter play. That’s BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers. Our BSLBATT Lithium Batteries are Made in China, 100% Locally Supported in the US, and many of our batteries come with a world-class 10-year warranty.

Faster Charging

LiFePO4 batteries charge much faster than traditional sealed lead-acid batteries, allowing you to get reliable power faster. Lithium batteries are recommended to be charged in 2 hours or more to prolong their life.

Minimal Self-Discharge

LiFePO4 batteries have a low self-discharge rate of about 2% per month. Unlike sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA), lithium batteries do not face permanent capacity loss due to self-discharge.

Increase Flexibility

12V lithium iron phosphate battery supports series and parallel. Up to 4 cells in series or up to 4 cells in parallel for 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems. 24V and 48V lithium batteries only support up to 32 in parallel.

Easy Installation

BSLBATT lithium batteries are designed as drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries. Our lithium batteries are the same size as lead acid batteries and much lighter.

Light Welght

BSLBATT lithium batteries are ultra-light due to our high energy density lithium batteries. They are 60% lighter than sealed lead-acid batteries. Installing and moving the battery is very simple.

Smart BMS

All BSLBATT lithium batteries have built-in intelligent battery management system to prevent low temperature, high temperature, over-discharge, over-charge and short circuit

High Discharge Rate

LiFePO4 batteries can be discharged to 100%, and for most models, can also be discharged at high rates up to 2C, while maintaining high energy capacity. See data sheet for specific specifications.

More Available Capacity

Sealed lead acid batteries provide only 50% of the usable energy, while LiFePO4 lithium batteries provide up to 100% usable energy, which means you can fully discharge the battery and get thousands of cycles.

Long Cycle Life

Over 2,500 cycles at 100% depth of discharge, 3,500 cycles at 80% depth of discharge, and 5,500+ cycles at 50% depth of discharge. The recommended DOD is 80%. All of our LiFePO4 batteries are backed by China's best 10-year warranty.

Our lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers

Not all lithium iron phosphate batteries are created equal. At BSLBATT, we believe in quality over quantity. We use only the best materials to manufacture our BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate batteries. our aim? Always provide our customers with reliable and stable battery power. A battery that can easily meet your entertainment and work-related needs. This means we only use Class A batteries, equip our batteries with an advanced battery management system (BMS), provide the most technologically advanced battery features, and always check our batteries thoroughly.

Reasons to Buy From BSLBATT®

To Sum Up, Our lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers Can Provide Very Good Support In Terms Of Price, Quality .

Since 2003

12 years professional factory with 3 buildings. The building area is more than 10,000㎡ (the company was established in 2003).

Factory Certification

Our strong commitment to quality and environmental standards has helped us to obtain globally recognized certifications IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Excellent Quality

Grade A batteries, products comply with CE, MSDS, UN38.3, UL1973, IEC62133 and other certifications.

Self-Developed BMS

Wifi, bluetooth, communication and other functions can be customized, compatible with 20 brand inverters (SMA, Victron Energy, Deye, Growatt, Goodwe, Studer, Voltronic, Sermatec, Solis, SOFAR, SolaX, TBB, Sermatec , Sungrow and Solaredge inverters are 100% compatible and safe.)

Customized Service

BMS function, high voltage or high current system, support free system solution.

Fast Delivery

Sample: 10-12 working days. Bulk order: 20-25 working days

Customer Praise

Strong track record of production and delivery to OEM and direct-to-consumer markets

Client Service

Unparalleled customer service and support - our team is always available to help.


Mission to have green, renewable energy become the best and most economical decision

Main applications of lithium iron phosphate battery

lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice in various applications. 

Custom-Tailored Performance

Certain applications benefit greatly from custom battery solutions. Watercraft, AGV and other vehicles, for instance, have weight and balance specifications to meet, and customizing your battery helps meet those requirements. Our custom lithium battery packs offer turnkey solutions that combine lithium battery cells, a battery management system, mechanicals, communications and safety certifications.

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