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12V 100Ah LiFePo4 Battery Pack

Product Specification:

  • MOQ: 10pcs
  • Delivery time: 25-35 working days
  • Capacity of supply: About 2 million KVAH each year
  • Color: Color customizable
  • Payment methods : L/C, D/P,T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
More Information

12V 100Ah LiFePo4 Battery Pack

Professional supply li-ion 12 volt lithium ion battery packs 100ah 12v for solar system/RV.12v 100ah deep cycle lifepo4 battery 12V.

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B-LFP12V-150AH B-LFP12V-120AH B-LFP12V-80AH B-LFP12V-50AH

Advantages of BSLBATT LFP batteries

As a substitute for Lead Acid batteries, lifepo4 rechargeable battery is our new product. Some of the main advantages are as follows:

*   Safe technology, will not catch fire or explode when being overcharged, because:

(1)Fast charge capability that avoids lithium plating at the negative electrode;

(2)Dual plate laser-welded aluminum cell construction;

(3)Advanced vent technology to safely release gas pressure buildup;

(4)Center pin construction designed to allow efficient gas release and avoid internal mechanical deformation under extreme abuse;

(5)Phosphate does not release oxygen.

Lifepo4 battery 12v manufacturers factory

What our products bring to you?
1. Fuel Saving;

-Reduce fuel consumption due to the weight.

-About two-thirds reduction of battery weight.

2. Performance Improving;

-Faster starting and stronger power for vehicles.

-Lower fuel consumption, better driving experience.

3. Economy;

-Reducing costs by reducing the replace frequency of battery for 2-3 times or even more.

4. Ease;

-Free of worry about battery failure after long term idle.

-No worry about corrosion due to leakage.

 Good Lifepo4 battery 12v manufacturers china


B-LFP 12V100Ah



Nominal Capacity (25°C , 0.2C)


Weight (Approximate)




Dimension  L*W*H


Specific Energy


Standard Discharge 25°C

Max. cont. current




Cut-off Voltage


Standard Charge

Charge Voltage






Recommended Charge Current


Using Temperature

Discharge  -30to60℃;            

0.1C Charge  -20 to 60℃

Storage Temperature


Models Voltage(V) Nominal Capacity(AH)  Max.charge current(A) Weight(kg) L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) cycle life DOD 100%
 12v 40ah 12 40 20 6 195 130 168 >2000
12v 80ah 12 80 30 12.8 262 167 212 >2000
12v 100ah 12 100 50 14 323 173 218 >2000
12v 120ah 12 120 60 16 323 173 218 >2000
12v 150ah 12 150 75 24 485 172 240 >2000
12v 170ah 12 170 85 26 485 172 240 >2000
12v 200ah 12 200 100 30 520 269 205 >2000
12v 240ah 12 240 120 34.2 520 269 208 >2000
 24v 50ah 24 50 25 14.8 520 380 290 >2000
24v 100ah 24 100 50 28 520 450 350 >2000
24v 150ah 24 150 50 42 520 450 400 >2000
24v 200ah 24 200 50 56 520 380 290 >2000
24v 250ah 24 250 50 70 600 450 350 >2000

High Energy Density

Lithium companies factory

 ■ Low Self-discharge – Less than 3% per month

professional Lithium companies factory

 ■ Long Life Cycles – 1C more than 2000

professional Lithium companies OEM

 ■ High Power Output

professional Lithium companies

■ Product List

lithium battery manufacturers

 ■ Hot Selling Models

lithium iron battery suppier lithium iron battery suppier OEM lithium iron battery OEM
B-LFP60-40 B-LFP12-240 B-LFP24-60
lithium battery manufacturers lithium battery OEM lithium iron battery manufacturers
B-LFP1200 B-LFP48-100 B-LFP12-60
lithium battery manufacturers Lifepo4 battery factory lithium battery factory
B-LFP12-100 B-LFP48-18 B-LFP24-12

 ■ Applications

lithium battery manufacturers

 ■ Certificates

lithium iron battery suppier OEM lithium iron battery suppier lithium iron battery suppier OEM lithium iron battery OEM

 ■ Exhibitions

Lithium companies Wisdom Power

lithium iron battery manufacturers OEM

Good Lithium companies

Battery model Can design as you need, different colors, cases.
Responses Quick responses within 24 hours
Samples Available, please discuss with us
Delivery way By sea, air, express
Price item EXW, FOB, CFR,CIF, DAP.
Visit Factory Yes, welcome

 Nice Lithium companies

■ Transportation

Lithium companies OEM
Lithium companies

■ RFQ:

Q1. What’s the weight difference between Lithium iron battery and lead acid batteries?

● Typically, LiFePO4 batteries are about a quarter of the weight of lead acid batteries.

Q2. What does this mean for your Lithium iron battery applications?

● You aren’t weighed down by heavy lead acid batteries, allowing your vehicles to run at a higher speed and with more efficiency.

Q3. How long do Lithium iron battery last?

● LiFePO4 battery life is 10 times longer than that of a lead acid alternative. Even when charging and draining LiFePO4 batteries once each day, LiFePO4 technology offers more than 13 years of life, while the competition lasts less than two years.

Q4. Are BSLBATT Lithium iron battery safe?

● LiFePO4 batteries are both durable and safe for use in vehicles from golf carts to yachts. Built-in safety features prevent your battery from overheating by shutting it down when     temperatures rise too high. Most lead acid batteries lack this mechanism, putting your battery at risk of catching fire.

Q5. What if there isn’t a Lithium iron battery on the market that fits my application?

● LiFePO4 batteries are customizable for your energy needs, making it easy to switch from lead acid batteries, regardless of the type of vehicle.

Q6. Are lithium batteries harmful to the environment?

● LiFePO4 batteries are easily recyclable, and since they only need to be replaced about once a decade, you’re cutting down on waste produced. LiFePO4 technology is               compatible with solar applications, and you may also choose to buy a battery made from recycled material.

Q7. Is charging Lithium iron battery time-consuming?

● LiFePO4 technology offers 100 percent charging efficiency, drastically reducing the amount of time you must wait for your battery to charge. Lead acid batteries average a            charging efficiency of 85 percent. Unlike lead acid batteries, lithium doesn’t need to go through the time-consuming absorption phase, which provides the final 20 percent of            power during charging. Lithium receives a full charge in a fraction of the time.

Q8. How does lithium’s shelf life compare to that of lead acid?

● Unfortunately, lead acid batteries deteriorate unless you charge them every day. Lithium maintains most of its usable capacity even if you store it without charging for a year. For optimal protection, experts recommend storing LiFePO4 batteries at 50 percent depth of discharge (DOD).

Q9. How much maintenance do Lithium iron battery require?

● The short answer is virtually none. While lead acid batteries must go through routine saturating charges lasting 14 hours or longer, LiFePO4 technology maintains consistent       power even if you only charge it partially. However, extreme temperatures may damage your battery, and you should take care to charge it at the right voltage. 14.6 V is the              recommended charging voltage.

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