BSLBATT lithium battery technology

Benefit from the latest technology in clean, safe and durable BSLBATT LiFePO4 batteries

Why choose BSLBATT LifePO4?

BSLBATT Lithium Batteries are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and are ideal for power-hungry applications. Higher performance than any other type of battery. It balances 20 times faster than other lithium batteries, charges 50% in just 25 minutes, and remote controls and reports faults to prevent serious problems. We have a complete line of LiFePO4 batteries designed for Off-Grid, RV, Boat, Golf Cart, Forklift applications, and more. Unique in its class with a proprietary battery management system!

Solar Lithium Battery Fire

The Limits of Lead Acid and the Advantages of Lithium

Lead-acid batteries

● Long charging time or need to replace the battery


● Inefficient (75%)


● High maintenance and infrastructure costs


● Short lifespan 1000 charge cycles


● Narrow temperature range


● Partial charge and discharge reduces battery life


Lithium Battery

● Quick charge takes just 2 hours to charge


● High energy efficiency (96%)


● Low maintenance and infrastructure costs


● Long service life 3000 charge cycles


● Wide temperature range


● Partial charge and discharge to increase battery life

Traditional Lithium Batteries VS BSLBATT Lithium Batteries

traditional lithium battery

● Passive balancing only at low power consumption


● 50% charge in 60 minutes


● Equilibration time is 4-8 hours longer


● High risk of sudden shutdown of power supply equipment


● Standard battery

BSLBATT lithium battery

● Active and passive balance, 20 times more power


● 50% recharge within 25 minutes


● Short equilibration time, less than 30 minutes


● No risk of power supply equipment downtime Routine remote control


● Custom battery custom design

Certified A+ grade square cells

Our BSL battery technology companies focus is lithium-iron phosphate batteries. All of our batteries (100AH and above) are made of UL1973-certified A+ grade square cells. Our battery manufacturer is known for supplying contracts with Volkswagen Group, Tesla, BMW and LG.

Among the different battery technology companies on the market, our selection is based on the needs of our users here. Therefore, our cells represent the best of:


● Maximum resistance to humidity, cold and temperature changes.

● Shock and vibration resistance.

● 6000< Cycling at 80% discharge (1C). 3000< cycles at 100% (1C).

● Internal metal purity is 99.99999%.

● Provide 1C and peak 300A continuous power.

● Cells will not deform during intensive use.

● Make sure each unit “matches” for perfect balance

BSLBATT has set out to develop a cleaner, less wasteful process for making lithium-ion batteries.

While many lithium batteries look the same physically, it’s important to remember that the engineering inside the battery has to be second to none.

At BSLBATT, we assemble the best components in the industry into our battery techology. Each battery can last more than 15 years after being assembled in our Chinese environment and climate.

● Protective mold for each cell.

● Adhesive additives on each bolt.

● Fully welded battery.

● Internal heating (optional).

● Superior gauge wiring and conductor bars.

● Electronic components protected by polymer gel.

● Free use of BMS provided by our 100AH & 200AH battery mold.

● Communication port integration (2.4 – 153.6 kWh)

● We also ensure that the optimal ratio between energy capacity and size is always provided.

Battery assembly

Laser welding

Install BMS

BMS test

Production line

Harness assembly

Outerbox fixed

Charge and discharge test

Comprehensive control of product quality

At BSLBATT battery technology companies, we assemble batteries to our specifications. Most competitors rely on other lithium battery manufacturers, praying for quality products. Unfortunately, they can’t count on a reliable product whose design will standardize over time.


So that’s the difference. Here we program the electronics and buy each material independently, so we have end-to-end control of the final product.

Wide temperature range

BSLBATT batteries are equipped with a heating and cooling system to ensure proper operation in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 45°C.


Keeps battery efficiency and lifespan at pristine levels.


Total Cost of Ownership Comparison

The table below compares the total cost of ownership of BSLBATT’s B-LFP12-100, a 12V 100 Ah LiFePO4 battery, to three equivalent size (BCI Group 31) off-the-shelf lead-acid battery technologies. Using measured lifetimes taken from the manufacturer’s published specifications of each battery, our analysis shows that the B-LFP12-100 costs at least 51% less over life than even the most cost-effective lead-acid battery.

Total Cost of Ownership Comparison​

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