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BSLBATT Street lights Lithium batteries can be used in goverment project and private factory project. From its superior cell and battery design to its intelligent, built-in diagnostics, BSLBATT offers a range of advanced safety, environmental and electronic features not found in competitive products. BSLBATT make batteries almost 20 year’s experience,will deliver outstanding return on investment over time, plus the clean, long-lasting and reliable BSLBATT Battery is known for.

Why BSLBATT 25.6V 52Ah Solar Street Light battery?

Our customer case – A solar street light battery system located in a remote area of a Pakistani seaside town has been tested by BSL system engineers and is now able to reliably provide electric lighting to a Pakistani seaside town. Our solar street light lithium batteries use cutting-edge LiFePO4 technology and excellent MPPT configuration to provide excellent energy density and longer service life. They are corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and more suitable for harsh weather such as deserts. In addition, BSL’s customers have an experienced local installation team and are about to build more than 1,000 solar street light systems locally. Each system includes durable BSLBATT lithium batteries, solar modules, SRNE SR-EH120-W charge controller and stainless steel housing. Ensure customer satisfaction and provide complete and reliable power for street lights.

Lithium Benefits for Solar Street Light battery

The advantages of utilizing lithium batteries for solar street lights are manifold. Lithium batteries are known for their high energy density, which allows them to store more energy in a smaller space. Additionally, lithium batteries have a longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering overall maintenance costs. Overall, solar light lithium batteries are a smart investment for those looking for a reliable and sustainable lighting solution.

faster charging

Lithium battery charge much faster than traditional lead-acid batteries, allowing you to get reliable power faster. Lithium batteries are recommended to be charged in 2 hours or more to prolong their life.

minimal self-discharge

LiFePO4 batteries have a low self-discharge rate of about 2% per month. Unlike sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA), lithium batteries do not face permanent capacity loss due to self-discharge.

increase flexibility

12V lithium iron phosphate battery supports series and parallel. Up to 4 cells in series or up to 4 cells in parallel for 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems. 24V and 48V lithium batteries only support up to 32 in parallel.

Easy installation

BSLBATT lithium batteries are designed as drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries. Our lithium batteries are the same size as lead acid batteries and much lighter.

Light Welght

BSLBATT lithium batteries are ultra-light due to our high energy density lithium batteries. They are 60% lighter than lead-acid battery. Installing the battery is very simple.

Smart BMS

BSL lithium battery have built-in intelligent battery management system to prevent low temperature, high temperature, over-discharge, over-charge and short circuit.

High discharge rate

LiFePO4 batteries can be discharged to 100%, and for most models, can also be discharged at high rates up to 2C, while maintaining high energy capacity. See data sheet for specific specifications.

more available capacity

Sealed lead acid batteries provide only 50% of the usable energy, while LiFePO4 lithium batteries provide up to 100% usable energy, which means you can fully discharge the battery and get thousands of cycles.

long cycle life

Over 2,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge. The recommended DOD is 70%. All of our LiFePO4 batteries are backed by China's best 10-year warranty.

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Solar Street Light battery Manufacturers

BSLBATT is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, including R&D and OEM services for more than 20 years. Our products comply with ISO/CE/UL/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC standards. The company takes the development and production of advanced series “BSLBATT” (best solution lithium battery) as its mission.

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