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Top Guide to IP Ratings for Lithium Batteries

Published by BSLBATTOct 24,2023

Top Guide to IP Ratings for Lithium Batteries

When choosing lithium batteries for applications such as solar energy storage, marine, RV, or golf carts, you will always see information about IP ratings in the supplier’s specifications. What exactly is an IP rating and what is the difference between the different IP ratings is one of the questions that the BSLBATT team is often asked by our customers. The protection level of the lithium battery casing (IP code/dust and waterproof) is an important indicator to ensure the normal operation of lithium batteries in different environments and to ensure the safety and reliability of the product protection. Then, in the selection and lithium battery products, we should pay special attention to its protection level, which is very important for the correct product selection, and battery installation and use. Below, for you to introduce the IP protection level of knowledge. Meaning of IP Rating Define electrical equipment such as lithium battery shell sealing performance, the interna...

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