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How To Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Lithium Batteries?

Published by BSLBATTMar 12,2024

How To Upgrade Your Golf Cart To Lithium Batteries?

1. Which size battery I need? The size of your plug-in replacement battery is the first thing you should consider when upgrading to lithium batteries. Battery GC2/GC8 is the most common type of lead-acid golf cart battery. As such, if you choose a lithium battery that is the same size as your existing battery, such as BSLbatt’s 48V Lithium Golf Cart Battery, you can simply plug it into your existing battery box.In addition to being compatible with 48V golf carts, it runs at 30 amps and 48 volts. Since batteries are connected in parallel, you can scale the power according to your needs. Using 8 volt lead acid batteries, you will need 6 batteries to get 48 volts to run your vehicle. If you choose a particular battery, you’re stuck with it until you replace the entire ...

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