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How to PACK a LiFePO4 solar battery bank?

Published by BSLBATTAug 08,2023

How to PACK a LiFePO4 solar battery bank?

LiFePO4 solar battery bank PACK, also known as battery module, is a lithium-ion battery production process, which means packaging, encapsulation and assembly, refers to connecting multiple lithium-ion single-cell groups in parallel and series, and considering the mechanical strength of the system, thermal management, and BMS matching and other issues. Its important technology is reflected in the overall structural design, welding and processing technology control, protection level, active thermal management system. If two batteries are connected in series or parallel and formed into a specific shape according to the customer’s requirements, it is called a PACK. The production process of LiFePO4 solar battery bank is divided into two sections: cell module production and system assembly. If the battery PACK is compared to a human body, the module is the “heart”, which is responsible for the storage and release of electric energy. In the LiFePO4 solar battery bank mod...

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