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Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Solutions for Energy Storag...

Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Solutions for Energy Storage Applications Such As Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Switchgear and Micro Grid Power Wisdom Power® offers a lithium ion solution considered one of the safest chemistries on the market. Safety is most important at both ends of the spectrum. Large scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) hold massive reserves of energy which require proper design and system management. Small systems entrusted within our homes require safety and reliability above all else. Wisdom Power® offers quality production, from cells to full packs. They include multi-level safety features including an integrated Battery Management System (BMS). Wisdom Power® provides versatility and scalability while maintaining safety. Key Benefits: ★ Modularity offers 12V to 1000V systems ★ Expandable from kWh to MWh in size ★ Provides emergency backup power, including high power UPS systems ★ Intrinsically safe cathode material ★ Works seamlessly with fuel cells, so...

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