BSLBATT Battery Company Receives Bulk Orders from North American Customers

1,813 Published by BSLBATT May 11,2022

BSLBATT®,  a China Forklift battery manufacturer specializing in the material handling industry, An order of $60W has been received from Linde forklift dealers in North America, and purchase order of nearly $100W from a Fortune 500 lead-acid industrial battery manufacturer in Central South America.

The customer, who remains undisclosed due to the terms of the agreement, is a major player in the forklift rental industry and orders for Walmart’s large warehouse. Since 2012, BSLBATT Battery Company has excelled in the quality standards of lithium batteries and always strives to create new and innovative products. Our Lithium Forklift Batteries are IP67 rated and feature sophisticated components including internal heat sinks that prevent overheating and extend battery life and improve quality. In addition, BSLBATT® lithium-ion batteries are currently applying for UL-2580 safety certification! The latest announcement will be released on another day, so stay tuned!

The Significance of this Vital Measure 

UL 2580 certification is a huge move for BSLBATT® in the North American power industry. Why is it so important?

❖ Underwriters Laboratories (UL) evaluates parameters such as the battery’s chemistry, manufacturing process, and testing protocols to help to establish which batteries are the safest.

❖ Lithium technology can be very volatile and dangerous if not monitored/controlled appropriately; however, you can be sure that your battery meets industry safety and performance standards. 

The BSLBATT Battery Company offers a motive power solution that combines the certainty of tried-and-true technology with the pioneering elements of lithium-ion technology.

BSLBATT Battery Company has developed 43 lithium battery modules (100AH-960AH) with different capacities. The coverage rate of forklift models exceeds 95%. Batteries in parallel (increasing battery capacity) and external strings (increasing battery voltage) form standard batteries and standard modules; different combinations of modules can meet the design power requirements of different handling industries. Those mean that you have the freedom and flexibility to use the right number of batteries for your setup. Each is independently connected to the internet and cloud, reporting constant health updates. These modules can be activated or deactivated remotely if a fault is detected. Finally, the replacement of these modules is quick and easy: just slide one module out and put in a new one! In addition, the new advanced energy vehicle group technology is adopted, and special modules are designed according to the space and characteristics of the forklift to perfectly meet the needs of customers.

BSLBATT Lithium Forklift Batteries with innovative features such as low-temperature technology, the ability to meet two or even three shifts at the same time, an intelligent battery management system, higher peak discharge, and standard size, unlike any other batteries on the market. The solution provides you with more warehouse space, and more efficient power supplies but fewer forklifts. In addition, BSLBATT’s clients will benefit from 24/7 support, battery monitoring, and performance analytics in order to carry out proactive, preventative, and predictive maintenance across its entire fleet of forklifts.

Eric Yi, CEO of BSLBATT®, said: “The large order from a Linde forklift dealer customer in North America and a lead-acid industrial battery manufacturer in Central and South America is a clear testament to the value and future-proof approach that BSLBATT brings – especially in an industry which is committed to high standards like the Linde forklift company in Germany and the large Walmart warehouse. The organization achieves its sustainable goals and takes its fleet operations to a whole new level of efficiency.”

Support after the sale

Purchasing a product is just the first step of a partnership. At BSLBATT Battery Company, we value our customers and our goal of a long-term relationship. In addition to the high-quality products in the marketplace, we also have an exclusive support network across China and North America which is unparalleled in the industry. With over 36 Distributors in different countries, we have covered routine maintenance, battery accessories, and technical advice for both batteries and chargers.

Looking for new Distributors and Dealers for BSLBATT Battery Company?

Find a partner that has multiple technologies and product experience in addition to the capacity to handle your power needs. The right partner will help you evaluate each facility’s operation to determine whether lead, lithium or a mix of both could be the best answer. This is a tough environment and you need a battery and technology with proven results built specifically for the application. Currently, we are working with over 36 battery distributors globally. We continue to witness growth in the forklift lithium battery replacement market. Welcome you to be a part of our inherited innovative Industrial lithium battery products, smart-powered solutions, and cutting-edge modular technologies, and to be one of 118 dealers on our global market map member! Choose a company you trust.

In addition, our team is again on the road a lot this year and is presenting the latest products from our Third generation forklift lithium battery at the LogiMAT 2022. Visit our booth in #LogiMAT from May 31st to June 2nd and find out everything about our range and our services.

Stop by and visit BSLBATT Battery Company at Booth #Hall10 Stand G74. If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact [email protected].


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BSLBATT Battery Company Receives Bulk Orders from North American Customers

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