When the mission is critical, BSLBATT batteries make the difference

BSLBATT offers standard military packs in multiple technologies and will customize solutions based on customer requirements.

Our lightweight, compact defense batteries are field-proven to deliver exceptional reliability and performance for military applications, from infantry communications, base camps, and weapon systems to torpedoes, UAVs/UUVs, naval ships, aircraft, and military ground vehicles.

BSLBATT has successfully designed and manufactured mission-critical defense battery solutions in aviation, which have been applied to a variety of solutions out in the field today.

In-house R&D

Military forces around the world have entrusted their battery needs to BSLBATT. Our in-house R&D results in continuous innovation – advancing technology and improving design and performance to ensure our complex batteries can call on the most advanced and efficient electronics and software for power, safety, and communicating battery data to the systems.

Military battery needs are various and demanding. But total reliability is key

To optimize the efficiency in military operation and training in extreme environment

To provide sufficient energy for transportation

BSLBATT’s optimized systems achieve peak performance and enable long & reliable application life. The design and manufacturing of the primary & rechargeable batteries and charging accessories are custom built for precise requirements.

Safe and Quiet Power Source in Much Smaller and Lighter Size

Freely scalable system design

Superior power and energy

Extended battery service life

Sustains high power in low temperatures

Preserved from electrical and physical abuse

Long maintenance-free periods for lower costs in cycle life

Reliable, portable energy storage keeps soldiers connected, aware, and safe. Proven quality and performance, including reduced total cost of ownership for vehicle and weapons systems, reduced weight, and increased power, ensure long-term relationships with military forces around the world.

Enhancement of defense equipment and extreme environmental conditions are creating new demands for advanced battery technology. Increasing trends toward automatically controlled equipment further emphasize the importance of supplying better batteries. In short, safe and high performing batteries can determine the outcome of critical operations.

We also produce batteries for other markets including security, oil and gas, and medical where the capability to design to stringent specifications and produce highly reliable and highly robust products is critically important. We have a range of standard products but much of our business is focused on designing products for specific applications. Please contact the team if you have an inquiry.

BSLBATT Defense Reference

BSLBATT Defense Reference