Best Lithium Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer

BSLBATT Lithium Golf Cart Battery manufacturer offers quality solutions for your 36 volt or 48 volt golf cart configuration in brands such as EZ Go, Club Car, Yamaha, and more.

  • Fits Like a Glove
  • IP54 Custom Iron Shell Size
  • Air Cooling + Heating Plate(Optional)
  • Smart Hardware & Software Design
  • Remote Monitoring Function
  • Robust Internal Components
  • Grade A LiFePO4 Cells Only
  • Industry Certifications

We have the professional ability and experience to master lithium iron phosphate battery technology to help you revolutionize the golf cart industry! We carry a full line of lithium batteries to power golf carts, mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs, UTV, ATVs, and more. The amount of energy provided in our lithium golf cart batteries is staggering considering that some of our batteries fully charge in as little as 30 minutes! There is a reason golf courses all over the world are switching to a lithium golf cart battery and that is efficiency. All of our plug-and-play batteries are modular, so you can link them together in series or parallel for more power.

BSLBATT Lithium Golf Cart Batteries provide golf cart owners consistent reliable power from sun up to sun down and with a 75% reduction in weight, your cart will perform much better and faster. Experience better golf cart handling, less wear & tear, and lower maintenance costs.

The Value Of BSLBATT Battery

Below we have selected three of the best-selling 48V batteries on the market and compared them directly with a BSLBATT battery. Note that this is a direct value comparison of 105 amp hours.

With one BSLBATT high-quality 48 volt golf cart batteries, you’ll have 60-80+ miles of range. Weighing only 45 Kg, the BSLBATT 48v lithium battery is the most power-dense backup battery on the market. The BSLBATT comes with a charger, Comm and Screen ports, and a five-year warranty.

The RELiON Lithium Iron Sulfate option requires 3 batteries to reach the 90 amp hour mark. This setup provides 36 miles of range in a Tier 1 car. With three batteries, the system weighs 47 Kg.

Made in China this Roypow pack only provides 40 miles of range at 105 amp hours this 44KG Lithium Iron Sulfate battery is certainly becoming one of the more popular golf car batteries in our class. With only a five-year warranty this battery still cost…

To match one BSLBATT’s 105 amp hours you will need three of these Allied Lithium Iron Sulfate batteries in parallel. At 52KG in a class one cart, you might see 40 miles of range. Note this setup has a maximum discharge rate of 150 amps constantly limiting its value in more powerful modern golf cart.

Experience the BSLBATT Lithium Difference

The BSLBATT 36V / 48V / 72V Lithium Golf Cart Batteries are built with CATL’s Power LiFePO4 cells. 3500+ recharge cycles (5 – 10 year longer lifespan at daily use) vs. 500 for other lithium batteries or lead acid golf cart batteries. Optimal performance down to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit (for winter warriors). Plus twice the power of traditional lead acid batteries at 1/4 the weight of a 6V lead-acid battery set. All are backed up by a best-in-class 10-year warranty.

BSLBATT Lithium Golf Cart Batteries help you play longer with twice the run time for your golf cart or electric vehicle while lasting 4x longer, providing exceptional lifetime value. Plus, BSLBATT Lithium batteries require no maintenance (no watering, no corrosion), are great for long-term storage (BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate lose only 3% charge per month vs 33% for lead acid), and can charge 5X faster than traditional lead acid batteries – giving you more time, and more freedom on and off the green.

Also, BSLBATT Lithium Batteries will last 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries which will eliminate golf courses owners’ need to continually replace their lead-acid batteries thus lowering your upkeep by 100% over time! Whether you are a private golf cart owner or a golf course owner BSLBATT Lithium Batteries are the best lithium ion golf cart batteries on the market!


In most cases you only need one, but in special applications it is recommended that you use more than one BSLBATT battery in parallel. Adding BSLBATT batteries in parallel requires no special hardware and will increase range in performance in any 48 volt golf cart.


  • Stock Cart
  • 17 inch tires
  • Stock motor & controller


  • Heavly Modified
  • Large aftermarket tires
  • High performance motor & controller


  • Modified 6 seater
  • Large aftermarket tires
  • High-performance motor & controller

Industry leading intelligence is at the core of our battery’s performance and durability. Our BSLBATT 48V lithium battery was designed specifically to meet the power and energy needs in all types of golf cart, utility vehicles, AGVs and LSVs. Not only does it fit like a glove, but the one-of-a-kind battery management system hosts an intuitive software, providing BMS™ between batteries, seamlessly manages regenerative currents and avoids unnecessary disconnects. Learn what you can do with BSLBATT on the product page.

Our BSLBATT Lithium batteries must have safeguards built in to withstand the physical and environmental hazards encountered during shipping and throughout their lifetimes. Our commitment to safety and environmental sustainability for all of our products is why we invest in certifications like UL1973, UL2580, IEC62619, CEC, UN38.3, TUV and PICC, to ensure we meet the industry’s quality and safety standards.

Constructed from easily and efficiently recyclable cell technology BSLBATT is the future. Not to mention one BSLBATT battery replaces the six lead acid batteries commonly used in golf cart today reducing the carbon footprint from fabrication to logistics.

This one 45 KG battery will take your stock golf cart 60 – 80 miles somewhere on one charge. Lets say it again, one battery takes you 60 – 80 miles per charge.

What Makes BSLBATT’s Lithium batteries for golf carts Better

Check out this article, You will understand why the BSLBATT lithium ion golf cart battery is far ahead of competitors’ characteristics and advantages. Especially in the battery design elements: IP54 custom iron shell size, Air cooling + heating plate(Optional), Lithium ion golf cart batteries BMS system, robust internal components, Remote monitoring function, and industry certifications.

Lithium vs. Lead-Acid Golf Cart Batteries

What are the main advantages of lithium over lead acid? Check out this article to learn the reasons why lithium batteries offer the best option for powering your golf cart. Especially when it comes to weight, maintenance, and speed of charge.

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Questions About Your Golf Cart Battery Settings?

Want to use just one batteries for golf cart, or use several in parallel? We’ll point you in the right direction and help you maximize your cart’s potential.