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LiFePO4 10kWh Battery ECO 10 Plus UL 1973 | IP 65

The BSLBATT® 48v 200ah lithium ion battery is perfect for solar, Telecom, Wind, Marine RV and deep cycle applications. This Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is capable of handling over 200 amps continuous charge or discharge and up to 2000 amps for starting / peak energy.

Product Specification:

  • MOQ: 10pcs
  • Delivery time: 25-35 working days
  • Capacity of supply: About 2 million KVAH each year
  • Color: Color customizable
  • Payment methods : L/C, D/P,T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
More Information

ECO 10 Plus UL 1973 | IP 65

LiFePO4 10kWh Battery Storage Wall Mounted IP65

Newly designed wall-mounted home battery, LiFePO4 10kWh battery storage system is used for peak shaving, reducing energy costs or replenishing in case of grid interruptions. The IP65 enclosure is designed to be waterproof and dust-proof, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation of solar energy systems.

10kWh 48v 200ah lithium ion battery

Battery Storage for the Home – LiFePO4 10kWh

BSLBATT designed, manufactured and supplied this domestic battery, which meets UL 1973 certification and is in the process of achieving IEC 62619 and Australian CEC approvals.

The 10kWh battery storage includes more than 20 inverter communication protocols, giving installers a wide range of options when it comes to using it with a hybrid or off-grid inverter to meet their customers’ energy needs.

LiFePO4 10kWh is a leading battery technology

This 10kWh battery utilizes REPT’s Lithium Iron Phosphate as its storage core, a more stable, environmentally friendly electrochemical technology that stores more energy per unit volume than lead-acid batteries. In recent years, lithium iron phosphate has become one of the most worthwhile investments and material choices due to technological advances and falling raw material costs.


Lifecycles  6000

Enhanced safety performance

Performance at high temperatures

An energy source without contaminants that is green

Rate of self-discharge of 3% yearly

– Resistant to vibrations and shocks

Memory effect is not present

● The 48V lifepo4 battery is equipped with a dual-protection system comprising a BMS and a safe board

The screw fastening structure is patented

Extreme environments are no problem for this product

A system for managing batteries intelligently

Supports parallel and series connections

Customizable technical solutions with effective results

A high standard of quality and punctuality is guaranteed

A trustworthy manufacturer of lithium batteries with innovative technology



48v 200ah lithium ion battery is designed and engineered in china by BSLBATT, the world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries for nearly 20 years. You can be confident that BSLBATT is the highest quality product on the market—backed by BSLBATT’s extraordinary customer support.

Features & Specifications

10KWH ECO 10.0 PLUS 48v 200ah lithium ion battery

Model        BSLBATT 10kWh Battery Solar Power Wall



Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Voltage 51.2 V (16series)
Nominal Capacity 200 Ah


10.24 kWh
Internal Resistance ≤60mΩ
Cycle Life ≥6000 cycles @ 80% DOD, 25℃, 0.5C ≥5000 cycles @ 80% DOD, 40℃, 0.5C
Design Life ≥15 years
Months Self Discharge ≤2%,@25℃
Effificiency of Charge ≥98%
Effificiency of Discharge ≥100% @ 0.2C ≥96% @ 1C


Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.4V
Charge Mode 1C to 54.0V, then 54.0V charge current to  0.02C (CC/CV)
Charge Current 80A
Max. Charge Current 100A
 Discharge Continuous Current 80A
Max. Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 43.2V


Charge Temperature 0℃~60℃ (Under 0℃ extra heating mechanism)
Discharge Temperature -20℃~60℃ (Under 0℃work with reduced capacity)
Storage Temperature -40℃~55℃ @ 60%±25% relative humidity
Water Dust Resistance IP65



Method 16S2P
Case Iron (Insulation painting)
Dimensions 762*518*148 mm
Weight Approx:85 kg
Gravimetric Specifific energy Approx:120.5 Wh/kg
Protocol (optional) RS232-PC RS485(B)-PC RS485(A)-Inverter CANBUS-Inverter

Match the inverter brand 48v 200ah lithium ion battery

Primary Competitive Advantages:

Origin Guarantee/Warranty Price Product Features Product Performance Prompt Delivery Quality Approvals Reputation Service Small Orders Accepted


BSLBATT caring every detail of the lithium battery pack to assure you get the safest and most durable battery using experience:


Main Export Markets:

Asia/Australasia Central/South America/Eastern Europe/Mid East/Africa North America/Western Europe

The LiFePO4 battery 48v 200Ah offers numerous advantages, including high energy density, long cycle life, enhanced safety, and wide operating temperature range. Its applications range from renewable energy storage to electric vehicles, telecommunications, and marine and RV sectors. By following the maintenance guidelines, users can maximize the battery’s performance and ensure its longevity.

Whether you are ready to order or just want a price quote we will do our best to assist you. Please fill in the form below with your contact info, or send your inquiry to [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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