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High Voltage Solar LiFePO4 ESS Battery (80V-1000V)

The high-voltage ESS battery is a battery system designed and manufactured by BSLBATT for small-scale commercial and industrial solar energy storage, with a 10-year warranty, a 6,000-cycle lifespan, and a cost-effective price for a single module of 7.8kWh.

Product Specification:

  • MOQ: 5PCS
  • Delivery time: 25-35 working days
  • Capacity of supply: About 2 million KVAH each year
  • Payment methods: L/C, D/P,T/T, PayPal, Western Union
  • Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen
More Information

High Voltage Solar LiFePO4 ESS Battery

ESS-GRID HV PACK ESS Battery For Commercial Energy Storage

The BSLBATT ESS battery is a high voltage energy storage system designed for small industrial and commercial applications such as farms, production plants, solar parks, warehouses, hotels, schools, charging stations, etc. It consists of two parts: a Lithium-Iron Phosphate battery module (57.6V, 135Ah, 7.776kWh) and a high voltage control module (max. voltage not exceeding 1000V). It can be compatible with Deye, Sunsynk, SAJ, Solis, Atess, Solinteg, Solplanet, Hypontech, Megarevo and other high-voltage single-phase or three-phase inverters.

High-voltage solar batteries with a simple mounting structure, high flexibility and rapid expansion, a single ESS battery system can provide flexible capacity options from 15.552kWh to 124.416kWh, and can be connected in parallel with a maximum of 5 ESS battery systems, or storage systems up to a maximum capacity of 622KWh, to meet the energy needs of all small and medium-sized enterprises. You can connect up to 5 ESS battery packs in parallel to form an energy storage system with a maximum capacity of 622kWh.

hv battery storage system

ESS Battery

Battery Specification

Battery Module 57.6V 135Ah 7.776kWh
Controller Working Voltage 80-1000 VDC
Rated Voltage(V) 288 460.8 576
Rated Capacity(Ah) 135
System Configuration 90S1P 144S1P 180S1P
Rate Power(kWh) 38.88 62.21 77.76
Maximum Charging Current(A) 135
Maximum Discharging
Dimension(L*W*H)(MM) 620*726*1110 620*726*1560 620*726*1860
Host Software Protocol CAN BUS (Baud rate @250Kb/s)
Cycle Life(25°C) 6000 cycles @90% DOD
Protection Level IP20
Storage Temperature -10°C~40℃
Warranty 10 years
Battery Life ≥15 years
Weight Base: 18kg丨Single Pack: 68kg丨High voltage Box: 20kg

The ESS-GRID High Voltage Battery System with wifi and Bluetooth modules allows the battery to be monitored and set up remotely, reducing maintenance costs. Start saving for your business today and never worry about rising electricity bills or grid outages again: [email protected]

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