LiFePO4 Battery

Published by BSLBATTAug 23,2018

BSLBATT LiFePO4 Battery Features And Applications

BSLBATT LiFePO4 Battery Features And Applications   LiFePO4 battery can be summarized as the following features 1. High efficiency output: standard discharge of 2 ~ 5C, continuous high current discharge up to 10C, instantaneous pulse discharge (10S) of up to 20C; 2. Good performance at high temperature: the external temperature 65 ℃ when the internal temperature is as high as 95 ℃, the battery is discharged at the end of the temperature up to 160 ℃, the structural safety of the battery, in good condition; 3. Even if the internal battery or external injury, the battery is not burning, no explosion, the best security; 4. Excellent cycle life, after 500 cycles, the discharge capacity is still greater than 95%; 5. Over-discharge to zero volts and no damage; 6. Fast charge; 7. Low cost; 8. Environmental pollution. LiFePO4 battery applications Because LiFePO4 battery having the above characteristics, and produce a variety of different capacity battery soon be widely applied. It...

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