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12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery BSLBATT

BSLBATT Batteries are made in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen– the BSLBATT Market. Our batteries are the height of lithium ion technology. We only use LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) in our packs, this is the safest and most reliable chemistry of lithium ion available. They outperform and outlast all other batteries in their class and below their class (lookin’ at you, lead acid batteries). The best part? They’re easy on the planet and your wallet.

Weighing in at a sleek 14 KG, the 100 amp hour, 12 volt BSLBATT Battery dances circles around the competition. The BSLBATT Battery also requires no new hardware to run in your boat, RV, trailer, or golf cart. Just pull out that grungy old lead acid battery (use two hands, those suckers are heavy), drop in this elegant upgrade, and get yourself out there.

All BSLBATT Batteries are designed and assembled in China.

High 12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery

12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery performance

No. Project Standard Testing method
1 Discharge performance in normal temperature Discharge capacity /standard capacity×100%

(A)0.2C3A ≥100%

(B)1C3A ≥90%

Charge with 0.2C3A standard charge in the condition of temperature 25℃±5℃,relative humidity 45%~80% (if there is no especial statement,the charging way is same as this), rest for 10min,separated discharge with 0.2C3A、1C3A to cut-off voltage10V,cycles for three times,One cycle capacity arrive standard, that’s to say it is qualified.(The below as the same);
2 Charging keep ability in normal temperature Rest capacity≥standard capacity *90% After standard charging,store at 25℃±5℃ for a month, and then discharge to cut-off voltage10V by 0.2C3A. Then measure the capacity of cell.
3 Cycle life Capacity≥ Standard capacity *80% After 0.2 C3A standard charged ,discharge with 0.2 C3A to for10min,cycles for 2000 times.
4 Storage performance Capacity can be kept ≥80% Storage for 12months. After standard charged,let it rest for 12 months as a open circuit, discharging it until 10V by 0.2C3A, and then measure the leftover capacity. Measure its recovery capacity by 0.2 C3A /0.2C3A . Undertake 3 cycles, it passes when one cycle meets the standard.

Lithium ion batteries are more powerful and provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They can be discharged with up to 80 % compared to the traditional 30 – 50% without damaging the battery. They are charged extremely fast, in down to 50 minutes for a 12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery – compared to 8-10 hours for an AGM lead acid battery.

Longer runtime = more recreation time with the B-LFP12V 100AH. This 12V 100Ah deep cycle lithium battery is the perfect replacement from a group 31 AGM, GEL or lead-acid Battery. Weighing in at only 14 KG it’s a lightweight alternative to lead-acid and one of our most popular lithium batteries.

The 12V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery surpasses expectations by being versatile, compact and more powerful than its lead-acid counterparts. It’s the perfect combination of size and capacity to fit many applications including, RV, marine, solar energy systems and more.

BSLBATT lithium batteries provide more energy for high consumption than traditional lead-acid batteries. They also offer ultra-fast charging and discharging, high efficiency and longer cycle life – plus no maintenance!

Not all lithium batteries are created equal. All BSLBATT Batteries use the safest and most stable components, including a LiFePO4 cathode and a built-in Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS ensures a long lifetime, safe handling – and high-accuracy State of Charge (SOC) calculations.

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