BSLBATT® Develops 544-Volt Lithium Battery Array to Power Three-Ton Robot for Underground Mining and Excavation

1,558 Published by BSLBATT Jun 15,2020

BSLBATT® Develops 544-Volt Lithium Battery Array to Power Three-Ton Robot for Underground Mining and Excavation

BSLBATT® Develops 544-Volt Lithium Battery Array to Power Three

Ton Robot for Underground Mining and Excavation

Development Underscores Scalability of BSLBATT Lithium

Battery Solutions for Larger Commercial Applications

Huizhou, China – June 12, 2020 – Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd. an innovator in advanced lithium energy storage systems, announced the on-time development and delivery of a 25-kilowatt, 544-volt lithium-iron-phosphate battery array to power a state-of-the-art, three-ton robot for underground mining and civil construction. See photos here.

UWANT technology company. selected BSLBATT in December 2018 to design, engineer, and produce a rugged, high-voltage power solution that could meet the challenging environmental and performance requirements of remote subterranean operations. Field-testing of the robot will commence this fall with a UWANT mining industry customer in china. Pending a successful outcome of initial trials, BSLBATT would be well-positioned to support any subsequent commercial rollouts. We have made a great deal of achievements in the industry so far and obtained the title of high and new tech enterprises and a number of technical patents. We hope to cooperate with the personage of the various communities and work together to greet the coming of Industry 4.0 and create a bright future!

Power Three-Ton Robot

BSLBATT chief engineer, Mr. LinPeng, commented, “This development demonstrates our ability to scale-up our lithium power solutions for new, larger, and more demanding applications, including the exciting field of automated guided vehicles (AGV). This 544V/25kw battery array includes two 270V battery packs and weighs in at over 1,600 lbs. building on our 24V and 36V storage solutions developed for lift trucks, tug & tow vehicles, and portable storage.

“Our 544V solution harnesses the same lithium technology as our other packs to provide a lighter, more compact, and cost-effective solution than equivalent lead-acid storage alternatives. Lithium’s energy storage efficiency has allowed us to deliver a 544V/25Kw solution that is less than half the size and weight of a comparable lead-acid battery, making it a critical enabling technology for this state of the art robotic device.

Underground Mining and Excavation

“This delivery to UWANT is another example of the ability of BSLBATT to create more productive and lower cost battery storage solutions for large scale industrial equipment.”

About UWANT technology company

UWANT technology company is a research, development, and prototyping company and a leading force in telerobotics. Penguin builds solutions for the most challenging underground, underwater, space, and on surface applications, using a comprehensive approach to software development, systems integration, and field-testing.

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