Why BSL battery production companies?

1,102 Published by BSLBATT Mar 13,2024

BSLBATT® is a manufacturer of battery production companies

A lithium iron phosphate battery supplier with more than 20 years of experience can help you integrate your supply chain, build your brand, and grow your profits quickly.

We are the leader in lithium iron phosphate batteries and committed to making renewable energy accessible and affordable. Deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries are replacing lead-acid batteries in home energy storage, vehicles, marine and material handling applications. By deploying our proprietary, patented solid-state battery technology, BSLBATT battery production companies will provide advanced renewable energy storage.

 We have the following advantages in our battery manufacturing enterprise

A professional factory with three buildings has been operating since 2003. The company was established in 2003 and has a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters.

As a result of our unwavering commitment to quality and environmental standards, we have achieved certifications in IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001, which are internationally recognized standards.

battery production companies A high quality Class A battery, compliant with CE, MSDS, UN38.3, UL1973, IEC62133, and other certifications.

Independently developed BMS with Wifi, Bluetooth, communication, and other features that can be customized and are compatible with 20 brands of backlights (SMA, Victron Energy, Deye, Growatt, Goodwe, Studer, Voltronic, Sermatec, Solis, SOFAR, SolaX, TBB, Sermatec, Sungrow, Solaredge backlights). 

Battery production companies provide customized BMS functions, high voltage or high current systems, and support free system solutions.

Sample delivery: 10-12 working days. It takes 20-25 working days for bulk orders

Testimonials Proven track record for OEM and direct-to-consumer production and delivery

Unparalleled customer service and support – we’re here to help.

Achieve the best and most economical decision by using green, renewable energy

Overall, our company can provide good support in terms of price, quality, and production time.

Models from the Hot Selling Series

Top-brand and grade-EVE battery cells are used in our batteries.


To ensure that the products delivered to you are satisfactory,

BSl Battery production companies  go through very strict screening processes when selecting battery cells.  


There is no minimum order quantity 

Colors, labels, and packaging can be customized

LCD and Bluetooth are optional

Pre-heating, can be used at low temperatures

Supports series and parallel connections

BSL Battery production companies Certification

Battery production companies production companies manufacturing technology

Lithium-ion batteries are manufactured by BSLBATT battery production companies, a well-known Chinese manufacturer. Due to its many years of industry experience, the company has become a trusted supplier of high-quality batteries. BSLBATT’s lithium-ion batteries are known for their superior performance, durability, and safety. The lithium-ion batteries manufactured by Chinese manufacturers are of the highest quality and reliability due to their advanced technology and high-quality materials. With a wide range of products to meet your needs, BSLBATT battery production companies has batteries for electric vehicles, solar power systems, or any other application. BSLBATT is a reliable Chinese manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries dedicated to customer satisfaction and innovation.

Battery production companies Four Easy Steps To Customize Your Battery

Communication of Battery Specs in Step 

The battery specifications should include the following information: Application; Battery voltage and capacity; Battery battery production companies size requirements; Charge current and discharge current.

BSLBATT battery production companies will provide you with a customized lithium battery solution based on your specific needs. You will receive prompt service from our experienced sales staff.

Following sample quality evaluation, we can establish cooperation from small-scale orders to mass production, ensuring the quality exceeds your expectations.

We offer a variety of shipping methods for you to choose from. Transportation by sea, air, train, etc. A dangerous goods certificate and a transportation certificate are available to us.

BSL Battery production companies With First-Class Partners

Now is the time to take your project profits to the next level! Is it wholesale? Are they custom-made? sample? Would it be better to get a quote first?

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