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913 Published by BSLBATT May 30,2024

It’s finally that time of year again: The 2024 list of the best golf carts of the year is ready! We spent two months this year collecting all the data, and the results are finally in.

Day after day, we speak to thousands of customers on the phone every month to collect user feedback on all the different golf cart brands and models. But I know that phone calls alone are not enough, so we send out surveys to our best customers and put new golf cart models through rigorous testing using shop carts at the BSLBATT USA headquarters in Texas. We then combine this feedback and use the mechanical expertise of our own team of golf cart experts to select the best golf carts of the year. As we said, the votes have been counted and the data is in! We are proud to announce the top 10 best golf carts of 2024.

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top 10 best golf cart 2024

What makes a great golf cart?

When evaluating the best golf cart brands of 2024, there are several key factors to consider. Durability is critical, as a quality golf cart should be able to withstand daily use and the elements. Comfort is also essential, with ample legroom, padded seats, and a smooth ride. Functionality is critical, with features such as ample storage, cup holders, and easy entry and exit. Eco-friendliness is gaining traction, with electric and solar-powered models reducing their environmental impact. Of course, price is always a factor, balancing quality with affordability.

Best Golf Carts 2024

A good golf cart perfectly balances these elements, providing a reliable, comfortable, and practical mode of transportation that meets the needs of golfers, residential communities, and commercial operations. The top brands of 2024 excel in these areas, setting the standard for the ultimate golf cart experience.

The electric vehicle revolution continues to advance, and golf carts are getting better and better! As manufacturers continue to push the boundaries of industrial design, we are impressed with the quality and beauty of their new golf cart designs.

1. Club Car Onward HP Lithium ion batteries


These Club Car Onward HP Li-Ion carts continue to impress those on the road as Club Car continues to push the envelope with its HP and HP Li-Ion Club Car Onwards. Onward HP Li-Ion golf carts feature lightweight aluminum frames, 29HP motors, 3.1kWh lithium golf cart batteries, 375 amp controllers, premium seats and bodies, 6-year battery warranties, and automotive-style headlights and taillights.

As of 2024, the Club Car Onward cart comes standard with 10-inch premium golf wheels. Factory-installed premium 12-inch or 14-inch wheels (shown above) are mounted on high-quality Kenda tires. There are thicker, higher-quality deluxe seat pads on the front and rear of the cart than on the competition.

With thick, injection-molded, contoured plastic panels, the Onward’s front fascia remains the same for this season. The car is great for 2024, but we expect Club Car to update the front end next year to stay competitive.

The HP Li-Ion golf cart (lithium battery) is recommended instead of the Onward HP (standard electric) because it is powered by lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have many benefits for your cart. Faster charging times, longer charging times, and lighter batteries are the main benefits of lithium batteries (only 1/4 the weight of regular golf cart batteries). For more information about lithium golf cart batteries, read All About Lithium Golf Cart Batteries.

The suggested retail price is $13,155 for a two-seater, and $14,380 for a four-seater.

2. EZGO LIBERTY LSV ELiTE Lithium ion batteries


Second place goes to the 2024 EZGO Liberty LSV. It is an excellent golf cart that meets all your needs. It definitely raised the bar for other manufacturers in 2022, and with further improvements made last season, it really does meet all the needs of customers looking to buy a new cart in 2024.

The LIBERTY was the first golf cart/LSV with four forward-facing seats, and EZGO said they would “push things in a new direction.” We agreed two years ago, and since then, four other manufacturers have begun offering the same format.

The cart continues to come standard with a Samsung SDI lithium battery system as one of the brand’s ELiTE lithium-ion carts. Regardless of its charge level, this battery unit provides consistent power. It can be charged to 80% in just one hour. As well as its excellent powertrain, the EZGO Liberty offers:

 • There are four premium seats facing forward, each with a standard seat belt

 • Warning system for pedestrians (to avoid hitting them)

 • Camera for backup

 • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are optional infotainment systems

 • Interior features illuminated cup holders, a premium steering wheel, a separate key switch, a glove box door, floor mats, and a shelf.

LIBERTY’s only downside is that it’s still expensive. With options and sales tax, these carts can cost over $20,000; the price of a reliable used car. Nevertheless, the LIBERTY is a real value for money since more and more people use carts instead of cars to get around the neighborhood every day. In many ways, the base Liberty (non-LSV) is similar to it and starts at $15,899.

Starting at $18,999 MSRP

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3. ICON i40F

The ICON i40 series moves up from #4 to #3 on the list. The new i40F has four forward-facing seats, a common theme on our list this year! This cart has everything you need in your community, and it’s a great value. New brands like EVOLUTION and big brands like Club Car and EZGO have recently overtaken ICON in terms of styling, compared to some competitors (like Yamaha). The value for money of these golf carts continues to impress us. ICON seemed to offer premium products at a lower price from 2017 to 2022. Though still looking fresh, their cart design language is now 6 years old and starting to look dated.

The 2023 ICON i40F and i40FL golf carts come standard with a 48-volt battery, a 5kW 3-phase high-torque motor, an ICON 450A controller, 4 forward-facing seats, and more. Among the additional features of the i40F and FL (lift and drop) are:

 • Integrated turn signals and automotive-style headlights

 • On-board charger (OBC)

 • Diagnostic readouts and a digital speedometer

 • Factory disc brakes

 • Standard paint colors are available in a wide range

 ICON’s i40F and i40FL are truly hard to beat with their low MSRPs and great value.

Starting at $11,199 MSRP

4. Evolution D5


It wasn’t until 2023 that Corona, California-based Evolution EV really dominated the golf cart industry. Evolution D5 has been replacing old carts all over the country since then.

Besides looking great, the D5 offers a great value that will captivate you.

Steel tube frame, 9-inch touchscreen with rear camera, 4-way forward, and 4-way backwards compatibility are all standard features of the D5.

 • There is a USB outlet, a Bluetooth-enabled sound bar

 • An LED turn signal mirror with an auto-cancelling indicator

 • There are four-wheel disc brakes, a built-in aftercooler

 • Industry-leading 48v lithium golf cart battery with 110AH

Company officials are proud of the vehicle’s top speed of 25 mph. There is also a premium steering wheel, PPG paint, and premium 14-inch golf cart wheels and tires included.

With a 7-foot wheelbase, the D5 offers a smoother ride than most carts. Also, the tilt steering wheel makes it a great fit for riders of all sizes.

There is nothing we don’t like about the new Evolution D5. Although their first model (the Evolution Classic) looked a little cheap, the D5 is impressive and is likely to stick around. There’s something for everyone with this new golf cart. For less than $12,000, you can purchase a brand new lithium-ion golf cart.

The MSRP is $11,995.

5. EZGO Freedom RXV

05 best golf carts EZGO Freedom RXV for 2024
05 BEST EZGO Freedom RXV golf cart 2024
05 BEST EZGO Freedom RXV golf cart 2024

The EZGO Freedom RXV golf cart is fifth on our list. The EZGO RXV golf cart was introduced to the market in 2008 and is a reliable platform that is great for home use or on the course. EZGO will introduce a completely redesigned RXV and Valor series of carts in 2024. There are factory-provided premium seating and rear bench options, and new low-profile headlights with daytime running LEDs (optional upgrade). ELiTE LITHIUM 56-volt or EX1 Gas 4-stroke, 150cc drivetrains will be available for the all-new Freedom RXV in 2024. Lithium batteries are still the preferred choice, although both are great choices. In addition to the Freedom RXV, the Samsung SDI lithium battery system in the LIBERTY is maintenance-free.

The all-new 2024 model also comes with:

 • Front suspension that is fully independent

 • Floating pedals (no more floor-attached pedals)

 • The dashboard area has been completely redesigned with four cup holders in the center

 • Dashboard-integrated dual USB ports (5V / 2amp)

 • Ocean Gray is one of several new colors

 • The new honeycomb floor

Featuring upscale looks and a smooth ride, the RXV is one of the most practical and high-quality carts on the market today.

The starting price is $10,299 (Lithium or Gas).

6. Yamaha Drive-2

06 best golf carts Yamaha Drive-2 for 2024
06 best golf carts Yamaha Drive-2 for 2024
06 best golf carts Yamaha Drive-2 for 2024


“Where the heck does a Yamaha golf cart fit on this list? ” Now you have your answer! On our 2024 list, the Yamaha Drive-2 drops from #5 to #6.

Yamaha has not yet revamped the overall look of its best-selling golf cart in the rapidly changing world of golf cart styling. In comparison to newer Club Car, EZGO & Evolution, or ICON offerings…the Yamaha Drive2 leaves something to be desired. Yamaha may fall off our 2025 list entirely if they don’t update their styling next year.

Yamaha remains one of the world’s largest and best golf cart manufacturers. There are a variety of accessories available for Yamaha’s excellent, affordable, and reliable carts. The Japanese giant will finally offer a lithium battery option for this cart in 2024. The Yamaha falls back in our rankings this year due to its stale overall design language (especially when compared to Club Car and EZGO).

The Yamaha QuieTech EFI (Quiet Electronic Fuel Injection) powerplant is still available on this gas golf cart. With the lowest decibel output of any gas golf cart ever, the QuieTech EFI is the quietest ever. As a result of this powerplant, the Yamaha Drive2 can achieve up to 45mpg, which is 23% better than the previous Yamaha Drive (G29) gas model. Fueling up your golf cart on the go rather than waiting for a charge is the only option for those who prefer gas. Gas golf carts are a favorite among some of our customers.

Since the Drive2 has been around for a few years and is not much different in design from the G29/DRIVE model it replaces, it also has a large selection of aftermarket accessories. Lastly, Yamaha Drive2 (and older Drive/G29) carts can also fit tires up to 20.5 inches straight from the factory, without a lift kit.

There are three MSRP options: $9,481 (gas)$10,161 (electric), and $12,616 (lithium battery).

7. Club Car CRU

07-best golf carts Club Car CRU for 2024
07-best golf carts Club Car CRU for 2024
07-best golf carts Club Car CRU for 2024

The Club Car CRU golf cart makes its first appearance on our list at #7. It’s a really nice car, but it’s very expensive. In exchange for the high price, you get some of the coolest features a golf cart can offer. With its open-air design, center table, street legality, and more, the CRU will turn heads wherever you go. On the road, it’s very stable, and it’s easy to maneuver over grass and trails.

BMW Designworks designed the CRU as follows:

 • The 72-volt 10HP continuous motor seats six passengers

 • A golf cart with a 30HP peak motor and electric power steering (a first)

 • Solid axle rear suspension with coil springs, independent double A-arm front suspension

 • Bluetooth speakers and even windshield wipers are available as options

 • 215/50R14 radial golf cart tires are powered by 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes

There’s only one complaint we have about the CRU: it’s somewhere between a golf cart and a car. Especially in terms of price. It’s more convenient to drive around town than a car, and it offers more fun with its incredibly cool features, but it’s definitely not cheap!

Prices start at $24,995 (electric only)

8. EZGO Valor

08-Best Golf Cart-2024-ezgo-valor-gcts
08-best golf carts EZGO Valor for 2024

EZGO Valor is a stripped-down version of Freedom RXV. VALOR’s design is similar to #5 on our list, but it isn’t as upgraded as the Freedom RXV. VALOR is primarily designed for golfers or those who use their carts on the course. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great golf cart!

There are two powertrain options available for the Valor, and it is available in four different colors:

 • 48-volt AC powertrain

 • Gas engine with closed-loop EFI, EX1

You can purchase the no-frills EZGO Valor first and upgrade it later instead of spending money upfront on the Freedom RXV.

Starting at $8,649, MSRP

9. STAR Capella 2+2


The Star EV Sirius golf cart has been on our list for five years running, but this year its sibling the CAPELLA takes the spotlight.

Due to its independent front suspension, the Capella provides owners with a smooth ride.The Capella offers brand new technology through an integrated touchscreen center display for 2024.It also features color-matched seats, a thick and comfortable steering wheel, and a drainable foam-lined cooler.

This cart comes from a trusted brand that has been around for years. Compared to many new carts on the market, that means a lot! We cannot emphasize enough the importance of buying from brands that have been around for at least five years. You might get promises from newer brands, but will they keep their word (and honor your warranty)? Since STAR EV has been in business since 2003 and introduced the Capella model in 2017, we know they will.

For 2024, the cart will again be available with Lithium Batteries, which were introduced last year. Capella comes with the following features straight from the manufacturer:

 • A full color digital speedometer/dashboard in the style of an automobile

 • A color-matched roof and automotive paint

 • LED turn signals with side mirror indicators that are self-canceling

 • An insulated trunk with a drainable cooler that locks

 • Suspension with double A-arms

 • Starting price: $11,995

10. Club Car Tempo

10 best golf carts Club Car Tempo for 2024
10 best golf carts Club Car Tempo for 2024

There are over 30 golf cart brands on the market today. The Club Car Tempo is last but certainly not least on our list at number 10. As Club Car’s newest fleet cart offering (primarily for golf courses), this is the company’s basic value offering. The Tempo model replaced the outgoing Precedent model in 2020 and improved Club Car’s golf course offering with a new cowl, more comfortable seats, and Club Car’s famous aluminum frame. Many golf courses across the country use it as their fleet cart. Due to its widespread use by country clubs across the country, used Club Car Tempo models are usually affordable.

Club Car Tempo models are available in gas (14HP, 429cc Kohler 4-cycle EFI), electric (48V DC), and lithium-ion (4.7hp AC). Club Car Tempo has a variety of upgrades and golf cart accessories you can choose from, making it a great choice if you want to customize your cart. If you live in a coastal area where salt can damage a steel-frame golf cart, this car (and all Club Car models) is an excellent choice.

These factors make the Tempo a staple on our 2024 list.

Starting at $14,295 MSRP



The golf cart market is set for a real game changer in 2024! In the past year alone, we have seen over a dozen new brands enter the market. In order to improve their products, industry giants like Club Car and EZGO must continue to innovate. Brands like Evolution EV and ICON have brought healthy competition to the market and challenged the status quo. The gap between these two new giants is widening in favor of Evolution even between these two.

Three months were spent compiling this list, which included customer feedback and ride time with all of the vehicles mentioned above. As always, there are others worth mentioning (products from Kandi Karts, Tomberlin, Cushman, etc.) that didn’t make this year’s list. As always, we’ve been keeping an eye on all the golf cart products on the market all year long to give you only the truth so that you can spend your money wisely. We can’t wait to see what else comes to market in 2025!

If your golf cart battery needs to be replaced, we’ll keep you updated!

Check out our very useful golf cart buying guide before you decide which golf cart to buy. It answers questions like “Which is better, a gas or electric car?” and “How much does a golf cart really cost?”

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