BSLBATT 5kWh Rack Battery is UL 1973 Certified

1,269 Published by BSLBATT Feb 10,2023

Today, the BSLBATT 5kWh rack battery B-LFP48-100E has been certified by UL1973, the toughest lithium battery safety certification in the world! The BSLBATT team is pleased to achieve this huge milestone, which is the greatest recognition of the safety and reliability and durability of BSLBATT’s Solar+Storage products!

lithium ion battery 48v 100ah rack battery 5kWh

What is UL1973 for Lithium Batteries?

UL1973 is a certification specifically for lithium batteries used in various applications, including portable devices, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems. The certification ensures that these batteries meet certain safety requirements and standards for performance, reliability, and durability. The safety requirements are designed to minimize the risk of fire, explosion, or other hazards associated with the use of lithium batteries.

The UL1973 certification covers a wide range of lithium battery types, including lithium-ion (Li-ion), lithium polymer (Li-poly), and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The certification process involves rigorous testing to evaluate the battery’s performance, safety, and quality, and it helps to ensure that the battery is designed, manufactured, and marketed to meet the highest standards for safety and reliability.

Overall, the UL1973 certification helps to promote the safe use of lithium batteries in various applications and provides consumers with confidence in the quality and reliability of these products.


UL1973, the safety standard for energy storage battery systems, has very high recognition in the global energy storage field. The third edition, released in February 2022, has comprehensively upgraded the safety requirements for energy storage batteries, further raising the market access threshold for energy storage products in North America. The acquisition of this certificate not only marks that BSLBATT’s LiFePO4 solar battery series meet the requirements of UL 1973-related strict standards but also lays a good foundation for BSLBATT to further expand the global energy storage market.

In this certification, UL Solutions, an international authoritative testing organization, conducted strict structural and component evaluation, testing, and certification of BSLBATT 5kWh rack battery B-LFP48-100E products including lithium-ion battery cells, modules, and lithium-ion battery packs according to North American standard UL 1973, and the test results proved that the company’s LiFePO4 solar battery products have outstanding performance in terms of safety and the products meet the requirements of the North American market certification.

“This time, BSLBATT 5kWh rack battery B-LFP48-100E products successfully obtained UL Solutions (UL 1973) certification, marking the strategic layout of BSLBATT residential and commercial and industrial energy storage in the world, which will provide clean, pollution-free, and cost-effective-new-energy-solutions-for-majority of users. “BSLBATT’s CEO Eric Yi said. In the future, BSLBATT will continue to work together with UL Solutions to meet people’s aspirations for a stable and sustainable power future with technological innovation.

ff grid soalr batetry bslbatt

“BSLBATT – the best lithium battery solution.” 5kWh rack battery is BSLBATT’s self-developed, designed and manufactured lithium battery product, based on 48V 100Ah lithium-ion battery product for residential, community, hospital and commercial and industrial energy storage applications. B-LFP48-100E adopts the new primary prismatic LiFePO4 cell and the leading BMS technology, which features high reliability, good stability, long service life and high safety performance.

BSLBATT was established in 2002 and has more than 20 years of history. Headquartered in Guangdong, China, BSLBATT is one of the world’s leading lithium battery solution providers. The award of UL 1973 system safety certification highlights the strong strength and reliable safety performance of BSLBATT lithium solar battery products. In future development, BSLBATT will continue to put quality and safety in the first place and serve the world with green and sustainable lithium battery products.

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