BSLBATT® Moved New Factory

458 Published by BSLBATT Jun 20,2024

Huizhou, China– BSL New Energy Technology Co.. Ltd. (Brand: BSLBATT® )It designs and manufactures smart lithium-ion batteries (50% more efficient than similar products on the market) for golf carts, LSVs, RVs, Aerial Work Platforms, Floor Machine, Boats and other power manufacturers.New factory with a 15000 square meter area.

BSLBATT New Factory

BSLBATT moved into new factory

BSLBATT announced today that it will open a new factory in Zhongkai, Huizhou on June 18, 2024 to meet the growing demand for lithium-ion battery packs worldwide. There is three times as much production space in the new building as there was in the original building. All manufacturing operations, assembly, logistics, service centers, and corporate headquarters will be located in the same building. It is in line with our growth strategy and responds to the growing market demand for BSLBATT® lithium batteries.

Eric Yi, President of BSLBATT® said

The company is in a stage of rapid development. The move is part of the company’s business plan. We are also growing our staff at an accelerated rate, with 10 new partners joining us every month. It was not expected that increasing manufacturing space and production would become so urgent in 2024. In the first five months of 2024, BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate batteries continued to grow in low-speed power replacement for old lead-acid batteries. There was a strong storm of orders!

Lin Peng, CTO of BSLBATT® said

The production area of our new building is three times that of the original company, giving us plenty of room for growth.We will be more efficient by bringing together all elements of our internal manufacturing processes, service centers, and corporate headquarters. Our customers know that we are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our batteries do their job, and we’re committed to improving battery reliability while accelerating battery production!

Bella Chen, Sales Director of BSLBATT® said

With the new factory, we have added new technology production lines and upgraded our manufacturing processes, effectively improving our core competitiveness with faster production, shorter delivery times and higher quality assurance.

Haley Ning, Chief Operating Officer of BSLBATT®

We have achieved double-digit growth every year for the past four years, which has enabled us to expand product support and production facilities. By investing in the new factory in Zhongkai, Huizhou, we have expanded our basic production facilities to provide comprehensive and responsive delivery services to customers from around the world, and most importantly, we have reduced our company’s production and transportation costs.

Aydan Liang, Director of Energy Storage Operations at BSLBATT®

In 2024, the home and commercial energy storage industry is in a period of rapid development. We must enhance our R&D and delivery capabilities to continue to lead the industry and give back to our customers. The new factory further achieves this goal

Abuot Bslbatt

Through its technology platform and thought leadership, BSLBATT® leads customers toward clean, safe, and sustainable industrial and commercial energy solutions. As a result of the company’s superior product performance, value, and support services, customers are able to achieve higher profitability while taking their business to the next level. Check out for more information on BSLBATT

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