BSLBATT Quadruples the Size of Its Energy Storage Battery Factory

1,089 Published by BSLBATT Jun 01,2022

Powered by the cleanest electricity grid in China, BSLBATT Energy Storage Battery Factory is positioned to produce the cleanest batteries in continental Europe with a capacity up to 1.44 GWh.

BSLBATT announced that construction of the new energy storage plant is almost complete, doubling its capacity to produce 500 10kWh batteries per day, and the new project will initially produce up to 1.44 GWh of lithium home batteries per year, ensuring a stable and continuous supply of products.

BSLBATT is pleased to announce the opening of a new manufacturing facility in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The new building covers 12,000 square meters and is three times larger than the original factory facility. This move is in line with our growth strategy and is a response to the growing market demand for BSLBATT home lithium batteries. The new facility includes 8 production lines, which can produce 500 sets of home energy storage batteries per day and up to 1.44 GWh of home lithium batteries per year, ensuring a stable and continuous supply of products. One building will now house all in-house manufacturing operations, assembly, logistics, and service centers.

“As sales and production volumes continue to grow, this is an important step in expanding manufacturing and ensuring that BSLBATT Lithium Home batteries adhere to the lead times guaranteed to our customers,” said Eric, CEO of BSLBATT Lithium, “By the time all the production facilities are ready, we can guarantee our customers that all orders will be in production within 15 days. “

The new energy storage manufacturing site is 3-4 times larger than our previous locations combined, providing us with plenty of room to grow,” said Haley Ning, Chief Operating Officer of BSLBATT Lithium. Bringing all elements of our internal manufacturing processes, service center, battery warehouse, and employee housing under one roof will make BSLBATT home batteries even more efficient. Our customers know that we are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure our batteries work, and we are committed to making our batteries more reliable while building them faster!”

Energy Storage Battery Certificate Some of the more interesting additions to the factory this time around are their plans to build a home PV storage system experience, which will include solar panels, inverters, storage batteries, charging piles, and various home appliances where people can experience using a home PV storage system, in addition to the 3,000 square meters of roofing that BSLBATT plans to install on the new factory, In addition, BSLBATT plans to install solar photovoltaic panels on the 3,000 square meters of the roof of the new factory to run its production facilities with clean energy, and the above projects are still in the process of approval by the local government.

Energy Storage Battery Factory


BSLBATT is a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, including R&D and OEM services for more than 18 years, and entered the home energy storage market back in 2016, focusing on the manufacturing and production of home lithium batteries BSLBATT’s home lithium batteries use square LiFePo4 cell technology, are designed to last 10 years, provide 6,000 cycles, and are modular in design, easy to install and easily expandable.

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