The main advantages of using lithium iron phosphate batteries in the material handling industry

1,285 Published by BSLBATT Jun 15,2022

The last thing you need in a warehouse is unplanned downtime due to battery failure. At BSLBATT®, we are committed to providing reliable, advanced power solutions that enable every industrial vehicle driver in the world to enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by the outstanding performance of BSLBATT batteries.

Our customers need batteries, chargers, and accessories that can adapt to a variety of applications and environments. While lead-acid batteries are the most common on the market, this power solution is best suited for outdoor work. LiFePO4 technology is more suitable for indoor zero-emission warehouses and extreme ambient temperature applications, or for multiple shifts and long working hours. Lithium iron phosphate forklift batteries, such as our BSLBATT® batteries, can provide your warehouse with many benefits at a more cost-effective price. We are proud to offer this industry-leading flexible power solution to our customers!

The benefits of lithium iron phosphate forklift batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries are a newer battery technology when it comes to forklifts. The pros of the lithium-ion battery are that it is relatively maintenance-free because it is sealed and requires no watering or cleaning. It has a fast-charging time, requiring only 2-3 hours to fully charge with no cooldown period. You can also employ opportunity charging, which means you can plug them in during a break period for a quick charge. In fact, you can usually plug Lithium-Ion batteries straight into the wall outlet. Perhaps, most important is its increased expectancy of up to 3500 charging cycles. It does not expose your team to harmful substances such as sulfuric acid.  

Opportunity to charge

Conclusion: For Multi-Shift Operations, Use Lithium-Ion Forklift Batteries

Added Features & Adaptability

● To help OEMs, BSLBATT has developed 43 standard modules for lithium batteries of different capacities, which can form parallel building blocks in forklift battery compartments. Up to 20 of these modules can be stacked in parallel, and the total capacity can be tailored to forklift OEM needs. 

● This is the most innovative battery option. It requires no watering or maintenance and has a very long life (10+ years).

● Their ultra-fast “whenever charging,” allows you to plug in your equipment during any break times to keep the battery charged all day long with up to 18 hours in run time, without having to run it down to 20%.

● Because of the chemistry of lithium-ion phosphate batteries, no heat is generated during use, meaning there is no risk of fire or explosion even under the most extreme conditions.

● These batteries are also sustainable. There is no venting, gassing, or corrosion, and with no toxic or heavy metals, there are no disposal fees either – they are 100% recyclable.

● BSLBATT Automotive Grade Modules are fabricated out of commercial-grade steel. Extreme shock and vibration resistance

● The BSLBATT Battery Management System (BMS) manages the lithium battery modules and continuously delivers updates and diagnostic information to the cloud. Individual modules are remotely monitored and controlled to maintain stable operating conditions.

● Compatible with Hyster-Yale, Crown, Toyota, Manitou, Clark, Raymond, Combilift, Jungheinrich, Doosan, Linde, Nissan, Hyundai, Caterpillar, JCB, Bobcat, KION group, UNICARRIERS, KOMATSU, HELI, HANGCHA, BYD, Mitsubishi, and more

crown forklift batteries

Unparalleled Flexibility

BSLBATT® batteries are suitable for all types of light to medium-duty applications, such as:

● Counterbalanced Forklift

● Heavy-Duty Forklifts

● Combilift Forklift

● Pallet trucks

● Industrial utility vehicles

● Automated guided vehicles (AGV)

● Floorcare/cleaning machines

● Shuttle personnel carriers

● Narrow aisle fork trucks

● And more!

The BSLBATT modular technology offers significant operational advantages at a safer, more reliable, and lower total cost of ownership than competing batteries. These batteries will truly change the way you work!

BSL Modular Technology

Experience the difference BSLBATT modular technology can make in your operation!

To help OEMs, BSLBATT has developed 43 standard modules for lithium batteries of different capacities, which can form parallel building blocks in forklift battery compartments. Up to 20 of these modules can be stacked in parallel, and the total capacity can be tailored to forklift OEM needs. 

At BSLBATT®, our goal is to provide Let every industrial vehicle driver in the world enjoy the extraordinary experience brought by the superior performance of the BSLBATT battery.. We’ve developed high-quality alternative motive power solutions through our commitment to innovative technology and data-driven solutions. 

“The BSLBATT® Li modular technology’s industry-leading performance makes it a beast of a battery, Specifically designed for performing in multi-shift warehouse applications, and we’re thrilled to introduce it to the market,” said Eric Yi, Chief Executive Officer of BSLBATT Battery Company. “Owners can count on its safety and reliability, backed by BSLBATT’s 20 years of innovation in battery manufacturing.”

The BSLBATT® battery is the industry’s premium lithium iron phosphate forklift batteries that can power your material handling vehicles. Contact your local BSLBATT® battery and charger representative today by calling +86 752-2819469 or clicking here.

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