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10 easy Halloween costumes that are just an all-black outfit with one accessory

So you’ve done it again. You’ve waited until the absolute last minute to figure out a Halloween costume, and now you don’t know what to do.

Here’s what you are going to do. Do you have an all-black outfit? Great. Set that aside. When you attend your Halloween event, you’re going to wear that outfit plus a single accessory. That’s right: Just one. You’ll be in business.

Will this be a good costume? No. Will it exist as a costume on a technicality alone? Yes. But for yet another year, you’ll have gotten away with another Halloween doing almost nothing. And that’s something to be proud of.

1. Dancing girls emoji

halloween Dancing girls emoji

This one’s great if you have a friend who also didn’t plan anything for Halloween. All you’ll need is two pairs of black bunny ears (or any black animal ears, we don’t care).

2. Wednesday Addams

halloween Wednesday Addams

A goth girl classic! You’ll need a black dress and some kind of white-collar. There are several detachable versions available online if you’re in a pinch.

3. Witch

halloween Witch

Black outfit + hat = witch. It’s simply math.

4. Robber

halloween Robber

Put a fun twist on property theft by pairing your all-black outfit with a ski mask. A striped shirt will also work here.

5. Black cat

halloween Black cat

You could say you’re Salem. You could say you’re Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service. You could say you’re Snowball from The Simpsons. With a single pair of cat ears, anything is possible.

6. Realistically, anything with animal ears

Halloween Realistically, anything with animal ears

If you’re already relying on animal ears, just wear all black, too. No one’s holding onto any illusions about your holiday spirit.

7. Shadow

halloween Shadow

You are going to need a morph suit for this, which you will need to buy. On the bright side, you’ll look genuinely scary. Sound worth it? This might be the costume for you.

8. Bat

Halloween Bat

A bat costume might require a little more effort than your average low-effort costume, but it’s still not much. Simply fashion a pair of bat wings out of cardboard, fabric, or even an umbrella. Or, fine, you can buy them.

9. Shot in the dark

halloween Shot in the dark

Nothing says “Halloween” like a sort-of-popular phrase brought to life. Simply attach a shot glass to yourself in some way (as a necklace? on a headband? just hold it?) and you’re in business.

10. Stage crew

Halloween Stage crew

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