What Is the Lifespan Of A Golf Cart Battery?

1,707 Published by BSLBATT Sep 11,2023

How Long do golf cart batteries last ?

In addition to transporting clubs and equipment around a vast course, golf carts can be used for many other purposes. They’re useful for touring large venues like college campuses or wedding venues, and they can also be fun for some users.

What should you do if your golf cart no longer seems to have the power it once had? Your golf cart may take longer to charge, or you may only be able to travel a small distance before it runs out of juice.

In this article you will learn about:

Golf Cart Battery Life

Tips for maintaining your golf cart battery

Several factors determine the lifespan of a golf cart battery, including the type of batteries for golf carts, how often the golf cart is used, and how well it is maintained and maintained over time.

With regular use, lead-acid batteries golf cart can last about two to five years, while lithium-ion golf cart batteries can last ten to twenty years if properly maintained. Golf carts that belong to an individual or family tend to have a longer lifespan, around six to ten years, than fleet vehicles that are used by multiple people throughout the day. In fleet vehicles, batteries for golf carts life can last about four to six years.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Golf Cart Battery

Charge correctly

When it is time to charge the golf cart lead-acid battery, please make sure to charge the battery within 8-10 hours each time. Overcharging can damage the battery and potentially dry it out, meaning you’ll need to refill it more often. If it is a lithium battery, it can be charged at any time because it has no memory effect and is equipped with a BMS to prevent overcharge and overdischarge.

Don’t drain your battery completely

While you don’t want to overcharge your golf cart battery, you also want to avoid draining it. Ideally, you want your battery to be at least half full and no less than 20% charged. The battery manufacturer will provide optimal charging limits, so follow these instructions closely to extend the life of your battery.

Store the stroller in a warm place

With the exception of lithium batteries, most golf cart batteries don’t hold up well to cold weather. Cold temperatures can drain battery power. Store the stroller in a warm garage or other storage space and try to avoid driving in extreme temperatures.

Minimize battery stress

While it can be fun to drive your golf cart up and over mountains on the course or around your hotel, stick to straight, flat roads whenever possible. Going uphill requires more battery power, and doing so regularly will drain your battery faster.

Check the battery regularly

If you want your battery to last longer, regular inspections will help you catch any problems early. First, you need to check your lead-acid battery monthly and keep water at the fill line. For batteries that don’t require water, inspect the battery for obvious damage and test the voltage approximately every few months.

Final thoughts:

Find a lithium ion batteries for golf carts that suits your needs. It is recommended to upgrade to lithium batteries as soon as possible, which will save you time and money. If you are interested, please contact us [email protected]

Golf Cart Lithium Battery Upgrade Guide


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