Lithium Batteries Provide Backup Power When You Need It Most

519 Published by BSLBATT Mar 09,2020

You may be wondering, what is the best backup power solution?

For decades, lead-acid batteries have been the most widely adopted batteries for renewable energy systems. However, a shift is occurring as more users discover the advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). They are now widely used to power homes and are gaining popularity as residential back up due to their many advantages.

And the benefits and potential goals of using this power source are different for both date center designers and engineers.

First off, for data center engineers, using lithium-ion batteries can help in designing data center layouts for best use of space and organizing or redeploying IT footprints, according to the report. Lithium-ion batteries are smaller in size and weight than your average battery, making them easier to use and manipulate for data center applications. They also have a longer lifespan and cycle life than lead-acid batteries or other types of lithium batteries.

On the other hand, for operations engineers, “lithium-ion batteries can help in ensuring uptime and continuity of critical systems, ensuring safety and security of IT infrastructure, and reducing maintenance, labor, and operations costs,”

backup power

What Makes LiFePO4 an Ideal Solution for Backup Power?

One shortfall of solar power systems, in general, is that they aren’t able to fully charge your batteries without adequate sunlight. If this happens enough, it will significantly and permanently reduce the available energy from your lead-acid battery bank and it will dramatically shorten its life. But the technology behind lithium iron phosphate battery storage has addressed this problem. LiFePO4 batteries can operate in a partial state of charge without any damage to the battery performance or life.

LiFePO4 batteries also provide more usable energy. Lead-acid batteries are typically over-sized up to two times your energy needs to account for extended periods without sun and less usable energy with higher rates of discharge. Plus, you are usually cautioned to limit your use to 50% of the rated capacity, as using more will significantly reduce life. Lithium batteries provide 100% of their rated capacity, regardless of the rate of discharge.

And there’s more! The primary benefit of using LiFePO4 for your solar or backup system is the total number of cycles they provide. LiFePO4 batteries are designed to provide around 7,000 to 8,000 cycles, even at an 80% depth of discharge each cycle. That is over 20 years of use if they are deeply cycled every single day!

They provide a faster discharge rate and are able to sustain a high-power discharge rate over their entire lifespan. Unlike lead-acid batteries or other types of lithium batteries, these often have the tendency to fail as they reach end-of-life.

Lastly, the report points out that LFP batteries have a higher thermal runaway temperature, more stable chemistry than other types of lithium batteries and can require less maintenance — ideal for use in data centers.

When To Use A Backup Power Source

Lithium battery storage systems are very useful during power outages. When your electricity goes out, LiFePO4 technology provides you with backup power to run your lights and appliances. You even have complete control over when to use your electricity.

Having a backup power source is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you have knowing that life continues in your home during an outage. LiFePO4 batteries are an excellent choice for backup power. They deliver highly-efficient, ultra-long life and constant power you can depend on in even the most extreme circumstances.

If you’re looking for lithium back up power batteries then take a look at our LiFePO4 batteries for back up power.

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